Dermatologist Treatment for Dark Spots on Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

When we go out, our skin fights against several harmful substances present in the environment. This battle against toxic chemicals leads to the development of many skin conditions and dark spots are one of them. The spots caused due to environmental factors usually don’t fade on their own, we need treatments to get rid of them.

Another major cause of dark spots is the production of extra melanin occurred due to aging. In that case, if we eliminate the cause, probably, the spots will vanish on their own. Besides, aging and sun exposure other caused include, stress, medications, hormonal changes, wound healing, and injury.


It is a good idea to take the necessary measures beforehand to prevent them from occurring. You can use the following tips to minimize the chances of getting Dermatologist Treatment for Dark Spots on Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi,

  1. While going out, use a sunscreen with a strong SPF to prevent harmful substances from entering the skin
  2. Get rid of other skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, sun damage as soon as possible
  3. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. because in these hours sun rays are the strongest


Dark spots are typically harmless, people go for their treatments for cosmetic reasons. There are several in-office skincare treatments that you can get to lighten the dark spots. These treatments cost a lot more than creams and home remedies, but the results are worth the money you pay for them. Best dermatologist treatments for dark spots on face are,

Laser Resurfacing:

In this method, different types of lasers are used to target dark spots. It is a safe way of making the skin flawless. Laser light damages the spots without harming the surrounding area. Besides treating dark spots, it also improves collagen and elastin production in the skin which then improves its overall appearance. This treatment option has become exceptionally popular over the past years.

Chemical Peels:

You can also go for Dermatologist Treatment for Dark Spots on Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The technique works on exfoliation to reveal smooth healthy, fresh, and spotless skin. During the treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin to resurface the top damaged layer.


Another effective dermatologist treatment for dark spots on the face but please note that it is more invasive than other treatment options. In this method, the doctor uses a wire brush to target melanin buildup and break up the dark spot. This treatment also promotes the new collagen growth inside the skin to make it look healthier and more beautiful.


In microdermabrasion, a special device is used to spray tiny crystals on the skin surface to buff away the flaws. This option is very helpful in treating the dark spots caused due to acne but you need to take multiple sessions to acquire the desired outcome. Recovery time is short and the procedure is less-risky because it is minimally invasive than Dermabrasion.


Cryotherapy is considered as the most painful non-surgical treatment among all the options. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to target facial darks spots. Nitrogen damages the pigmented skin area and reveals a flawless and spot-free skin.

Concluding Remarks:

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