Dermal Fillers Cost in Dubai

Dermal fillers have become the most popular cosmetic treatment in Dubai in recent years. They plump up the skin and slow down the aging process! But in terms of money, there is a myriad of things to consider. Keep reading.

What is the Average Cost of Fillers?

The average cost of Dermal Fillers in Dubai is AED 1,800. The price range is AED 1,500 to AED 2,000 per syringe.

It should be pointed out that this is the general range based on the provider, the geographical location of the clinic, and the severity of the concern being treated. To know an accurate price, please contact any skincare clinic in your area.

Here at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you can have a realistic budget for your dermal fillers. During the initial consultation, the Doctor will be able to talk about the price tag for your fillers before you schedule a treatment. Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask whether there are any upcoming filler offers scheduled.

Never Shop on Price, Decide on the Skill:

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering Dermal Fillers’ Cost is that there is no time to bargain. Fillers are not simply a thing you purchase, you are also paying for the services of GP. FYI: if you pay less, you might be given a practitioner with lesser experience who is not skilled in performing it and is not familiar with the technique.

Even if you save several dirhams, you may end up regretting your decision later, especially if you need additional procedures to fix the changes made in the first treatment. Put simply, trying to save some money on dermal filler might cost you more in the long run.

Provider as a Factor:

The variation in skill levels also plays a part in determining a total price. In general, skilled and trained artists are paid higher because they give more natural-looking and lasting results.

Goals as a Factor:

While the Dermal Fillers in Dubai procedure is almost identical for both males and females, the reason why people pick Fillers may be different. Many men visiting us emphasize that they want to add volume in the areas around the lower face. Women tend to emphasize dark circle reduction and cheek augmentation. So, depending on the goals of the treatment, the cost will vary.

Location as the Factor:

Another factor that affects dermal filler cost in Dubai is the location of the clinic. Region matters when considering cost because large metropolitan areas have a higher cost of living than rural areas.

Number of Injections as a Factor:

This is the greatest of all the cost factors. The more injections you get, the more the price. The best way to find out how much Dermal Fillers Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is to schedule a consultation with a GP, aesthetician, or dermatologist.

Why Choose Us? 

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai is proud to say that our injectors, aestheticians, and dermatologists are fully trained, and have years of experience in the beauty industry. They have always applied the highest-quality industry standards, state-of-the-art techniques, and approved tools for every procedure. So, if you are interested in getting Dermal Fillers, choose us.

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