Dentist extraction in dubai

Dental extractions are a prime requirement for many things. They are important for oral well-being. Dental extraction becomes mandatory when any tooth becomes faulty and starts to create havoc . Whenever you see a decayed tooth in your mouth and it presents you with pain then you should report it to your dentist. Dental extraction in Dubai is carried out by dental professionals. Since the technique is very complicated and requires good care, we thrive to give you the best treatment by renowned surgeons. You should never rely on the myths people suggest about extractions. When you are advised to get an extraction by your dentist then you should surely get it done without thinking.

What Are The Conditions For Tooth Removal?

The following are the indications that need extraction :

  • Severely infected and decayed tooth.
  • A tooth that is causing unbearable pain.
  • To create space and release crowding.
  • A failed root canal tooth.
  • A tooth that is linked with a cyst or any tumor.
  • Wisdom tooth causing pain in the jaw.
  • A tooth that is embedded in the skin’s surface.

How Is The Removal Of Teeth Done Here?

Initial Checkup:

The most common presentation of a decayed tooth is pain that is unbearable. If you come to us with such a complaint the dentist will identify the tooth and will closely examine it. he/she will see whether the tooth will be extracted through normal extraction or will require surgical extraction.


You will be told to get an X-ray done in order to see the roots and the structures of the culprit’s tooth. It is the most important step in dental extraction in Dubai. An X-ray will reveal if there is any broken down root or any crack in the root of the culprit’s tooth.

Administration Of Local Anesthesia:

Once you are ready for extraction, the dentist will give you local anesthesia for the numbness at the site of extraction. This will block your pain perception.


For General Dentistry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, very skillful surgeons should be chosen like the ones we have. Using the extraction techniques and the tools your tooth is pulled off.

Once your tooth is pulled off your surgeon will then cleans your empty socket and will place soaked cotton to pack the socket.

Post-Operative Instructions:

The aftercare of extractions is extremely important for the healing of the socket. You should follow it religiously.

  • Take a soft and liquid diet.
  • Do not eat or drink anything hot.
  • Spitting and blowing are completely prohibited.
  • Do not suck in through a straw.

How Much Do Dental Extractions Normally Cost?

Keeping the techniques, skills, and experienced staff in mind on average dental extraction in Dubai cost around 1400 AED- 2000 AED.

What Can Be The Complication Of Not Following The Aftercare Of Extraction?

If you fail to follow the after cares of extraction it is very likely that:

  • You will have a dry socket.
  • Pain persistent for more than 3-4 days.
  • Swelling at the site of extraction.
  • Delayed healing.

After your tooth is extracted and healing has been done then you should immediately go for the secondary treatment. Like:

  1. Partial dentures.
  2. Crown or bridge.
  3. Dental implants.

The Bottom Line

We have the best treatment modalities in the area of General Dentistry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Choosing a wise dental expert for your dental extraction is very important.