Cheapest Tooth Extraction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Are you having extreme pain in your tooth? Is your decayed tooth giving you a very tough time? The ultimate solution to that is to get tooth extraction in Dubai. Our Dynamic clinic is highly saturated with dental experts who are very skillful and mastered in extractions. Rest assured that you go home with a perfect pain free treatment without any errors of course. 

What Are The Conditions Of Tooth Extraction? 

According to dentist there are many conditions that are responsible for tooth extraction the most highlighted ones are enlisted below: 

  • A completely  decayed and demineralised tooth
  • A tooth that has a failed root cannot treatment 
  • a wisdom tooth that is impacted
  •  a broken root of a tooth 
  • a crown that has been broken from the root 
  • a fractured tooth
  •  for orthodontic purpose to create spaces within the jaw 
  • supernumerary tooth or extra tooth 

What Is Tooth Extraction? 

A tooth extraction is a procedure in which the culprit tooth is removed from the socket using equipment and techniques that are best performed by dental specialists. The most common tooth that is extracted in the oral cavity is the wisdom tooth. 

The reason why wisdom teeth removal Dubai is very common is because it is the last to erupt in the oral cavity. It is non functional and because of its position it is very prone to cavities and plaque retention which makes it very susceptible to infections and decay.

What Are The Indications Of Tooth Extraction? 

If you have the following signs and symptoms then it is very likely that your tooth will require extraction immediately: 

  • Severe pain in the tooth 
  • swelling in the tooth side that enlarges the jaw 
  • pus discharge from the site of the tooth
  • Fever because of infection in the decayed tooth
  • Crowding of the teeth that is caused because of the eruption of an extra tooth

You can read down below to know about the cheap tooth extraction in Dubai. 

What Are The Types Of Tooth Extraction? 

Depending upon the severity and the extent of the decayed element in the tooth extraction is divided into two: 

  • Simple or closed extraction 
  • Complex or surgical extraction

Here is a little detail about both of them:

Simple Extraction

A tooth that can easily be removed by the dental instruments and normal techniques applied by a dentist is a simple extraction. It does not require any infliction to the gums and the jaw. 

Surgical Extraction

As the name indicates, surgical extraction is more complex as compared to simple extraction. The technique involves giving an incision to the socket in order to expose the roots of the culprit tooth. The tooth is then removed using the dental instruments. After the removal of the tooth,  the socket is stitched or sutured using the stitches. Sometimes bone drilling is also required in cases of an extremely fixed tooth. This is very common with wisdom teeth. This is the reason why wisdom tooth extraction cost in Dubai is higher as compared to the simple extractions.  

What Is The Procedure Of Tooth Extraction? 


Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and will locate the culprit or decayed tooth  to be extracted. It is very important for you to locate your culprit tooth correctly so as to avoid the dentist extracting the wrong tooth. 

Administration Of Local Anaesthesia

The dentist will inject local anaesthesia to block the pain channels. As extraction is a very painful procedure the local anaesthesia is one of the mandatory procedures.  In order to check the effectiveness of the local anaesthesia the dentist will prick the site of the extraction to check whether the patient is responding to the prick or not. 

Removal Of The Tooth

Removal of the tooth is done by forceps using the profound techniques of the dentist. 

Socket Closure And Cleaning

In normal cases the socket is closed by pressing the proximities together. However, in case of surgical extraction the socket is closed by stitches. Before closing it is washed, debrided and packed with cotton. 

The After Cares 

 The dentist will give you some post operative instructions which are very important to follow for the healing of the socket.

Cost Of Tooth Removal In Dubai

Our clinic offers the cheapest tooth extraction in Dubai roughly starts from 500 AED for Adult &  300 AED for Children. However, the cost of the tooth extraction will be re-told by the our dentists because they will best know what type of extraction is scheduled for you either surgical or simple. 

The Final Verdict!

Leaving a tooth un extracted is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. It can spread the infection into the adjacent teeth and can give rise to other severe problems. Therefore, you should get a tooth  extraction in Dubai from our clinic as we are offering it at very affordable prices.