dental crown cost dubai

Average Cost Of Dental Crown:

Dental crown costs in Dubai can range from AED 3000  to AED 8000. What about this wide pricing range? In this article, we are going to shed light on this major question. Keep reading:

Dental procedures are big investments so a budget should be kept in mind before getting any.

People considering Dental Crown surgery in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah inevitably ask their surgeons about the cost of the procedure. They go online to get the answer to this question, but instead of clarifying it, it gets even more confusing; the findings can be misleading.

We can give you accurate prices for your dental crown surgery that is performed in Dr. Michel Bou Chaaya’s facility. His practice is unique because patients can comfortably have their dental surgeries performed under general anesthesia.

Location Of The Clinic:

A patient considering getting a dental crown in America, or the UK will pay more than someone in the UAE. That’s certainly because the dental surgeons factor in the higher cost of living in metropolitan cities, plus there is a higher demand for surgical procedures in these areas.

Professional Experience:

Choosing a surgeon with many years of experience who has specialized training in dental surgeries will usually mean that Dental Crown Surgery will cost more. Dr. Michel is renowned internationally as a dental expert. He has performed more than 6,000 dental surgeries. Besides, he is also the author of many published articles. 

The Complexity Of The Procedure:

The procedure’s complexity also impacts the cost. If you are looking to replace all the missing teeth, the treatment will take longer and be more expensive.

Additional Costs:

Initial examination, x-rays, anesthesia charges, recovery expenses, prescriptions, and follow-up sessions can increase the total cost.

If you hold insurance, there are chances it will cover a part of your dental crown surgery

How To Find The Right Provider:

While cost is always a factor for patients who are considering dental crown surgery, it is not the primary consideration. The choice of the surgeon comes at the top of the list.

Choose a surgeon who is certified and has many more years of specialized training than other professionals. Look at his before & after to see the type of results they showcase. Also, make sure, you can communicate with him comfortably. If you are happy with the surgeon, consider financing the dental crown cost in Dubai.

Why Us?

If the quoted price doesn’t include the surgeon’s fee or additional fees associated with the surgery, you can walk into the clinic with expectations that aren’t realistic. Dynamic Clinic provides a range of dental procedures to help people get the smile of their dreams. Each member aims to ensure that the patient understands everything about the procedure she/he is interested in.

So, if you are looking in Dubai for a dental surgeon, you can contact us through an online form to request a consultation with Dr. Michel Bou Chaaya to book an appointment.