Retainers Cost in Dubai

We welcome folks looking for affordable retainers in Dubai! We are competitive, offer financing, and always come up with outstanding policies to help customers budgeting their Retainers cost in Dubai. You can learn more about our pricings in this article.


  • A retainer is a dental appliance that not just enhance the appearance but also function
  • Both children and adults can get a remarkable aesthetic enhancement in their smiles and improve oral health with retainers. To be precise, it offers a feasible solution to straighten teeth and solve various bite problems including crossbite, overbite, underbite, etc.
  • More chances are, you are a perfect candidate for the procedure, but most importantly you need to find an experienced and trained orthodontist
  • Dr. Rasha Mhanna is an internationally recognized orthodontist in Dubai. She has the expertise and skills needed to align the teeth

Now, let’s discuss some of the costs associated with Retainers. 

Retainers Cost:

Only a dental professional can provide you with an accurate cost of how much your retainers will cost in Dubai. However, the average cost of retainers in different cities of the UAE can give you some idea of what to expect from your treatment.

  • Sharjah: AED 250 to AED 400
  • Abu Dhabi: AED 300 to AED 600
  • Dubai: AED 400 to AED 900

Average Cost:

There are many factors that can affect the final cost including the type of dental appliance, the degree of misalignment, treatment duration, and the dentist’s expertise.

In Dubai, the average cost for Retainers is approximately AED 500. However, some folks may pay as little as AED 400 and others as much as AED 900.

It should also be pointed out that if your orthodontic device (retainer) breaks, and has to be replaced, the cost will be different from the original price. Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere from AED 600 to AED 1200 based on your specific concerns and the orthodontist you choose. 

Will My Insurance Cover Retainer Cost?

Retainers cost in Dubai is unlikely to be covered by medical insurance. This is because it’s usually considered a cosmetic procedure.

Why Dubai?

Even though the cost of retainers is relatively higher in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, but a majority of people still choose this city. Why? It’s because of the fact that cosmetic clinics in Dubai offer highest quality care and exceptional results to most patients. Beyond that, the professionals always strive hard to improve the methods, and facilities to offer patients the best services.

Why Choose Us!

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