Damon braces In Dubai

After the success of metal braces for the treatment of crooked and misaligned teeth we now have Damon metal braces. They are similar to metal braces in appearance however, the structure and adaptability is different. Damon braces in Dubai are giving people a very good smile and our patients are very satisfied with the end results it gives.

What are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are brackets that are placed on the teeth surfaces for the correction of misplaced, hooked, crooked, tilted and rotated teeth. They look similar to the conventional braces but they differ in the tightening system. The conventional braces have rubber rings placed over the wire to keep it tightened. However, the damon braces in Dubai have a self-ligating system. This means the rubber rings are not required to tighten the wire rather the bracket itself attaches to the wire keeping it fixed and immovable.

What are the Benefits of Damon braces?

Your question might be why is it better to choose Damon braces over the metal braces. We claim that damon braces have multiple benefits over the conventional braces like :

Lesser Degrees of Discomfort:

The scientific study of orthodontics has claimed that the damon braces system in Dubai is more comfortable than the conventional braces. This is mainly due to its method of straightening the teeth. The damon braces exert lesser forces and pressure on the brackets hence limiting the pain and uneasiness.

Easy to Clean:

Since the conventional braces have rubber rings placed over them, more and more food particles and debris seed beneath them. Although interdental brushes are available that are for easy cleaning of the bracket but still they cannot reach elbow the rubber rings. This increases the risk of bacteria.

However, Damon braces are much easier to clean and have a very low rate of  bacterial seeding.

Comes in Colorless Brackets:

One good news about the Damon braces is that it is also available in tooth colored brackets. This means lesser prominence. However the metallic wire will still be visible.

Less Number of Follow up Required:

As far as the visits are concerned Damon braces do not require regular visits to the dentist. Unlike metal braces, Damon braces do not require the replacement of rubber rings as they get loosened over time. The Damon braces system in Dubai has changed the perspective of braces as unappealing. More and more people are getting them done, especially those who are aesthetically concerned.

What is the Right age to Damon braces?

Braces be it damon or the conventional ones, the ideal time is to get it after all the permanent teeth have erupted in the oral cavity. This is mainly around the 13-14 years of age. The earlier you take the braces treatment the faster it is to achieve the end results. This is because the bone and teeth movement take place at a higher rate during this time. In older age the bones become more stiff and the teeth movement becomes limited.

How much do Damon Braces Cost?

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a smile you always wanted!  On average Damon braces in Dubai cost around 8,000 AED to 15,000 AED depending upon the type, time and complexity of the treatment.

The Bottom Line!

If you think Damon braces are a good fit for you and you want a perfect smile contact us and book your appointments now. We will be more than pleased to cater you and will provide you with the best Damon braces system in Dubai.