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People’s lives tend to become faster and busier as time goes by. They hardly find time to focus on their mental or physical health because they are so busy running after their goals. But this is the wrong approach, not only should people pay attention to what is happening to the environment and work towards improving it, but they should also realize how the environment is harming their skin and find solutions to make it better.

The pollutants in the environment lead to skin accumulating impurities, which either form into pimples or blackheads. To solve this problem once and for all, the deep cleansing facial Dubai treatment can come in handy. It gets rid of all skin imperfections and makes your skin glow and clear.

Get more information about the Deep cleansing facial Dubai offers, how the treatment works, and what it costs, through this informative article.

Preparation For The Treatment

As the first step for blackhead deep cleansing, the dermatologist first prepares the skin for extensive treatment. The dermatologist does so by firstly removing any makeup or serums that the patient might be wearing at the time, with the help of a deep cleanser. Next, the dermatologist conducts a careful examination of the skin to identify the area that needs the treatment and then customizes and plans to carry it out.

How Does Deep Cleansing Facial work?

There are four simple steps involved in the process of deep cleansing facial Dubai. These steps include


In this step, the dermatologist applies a mild peel onto the patient’s skin, most dermatologists use the glycolic acid peel, due to its mild nature. The peel helps to remove the dead skin cells and open the pores to prepare the skin for the deep cleansing treatment.  The nature of the person’s skin determines which peel the dermatologist should use. If their skin is too sensitive, likely, a microdermabrasion procedure is then applied.

Extraction and steam

In this step, the main focus is to get rid of the blackheads, which is done with the help of a magnifying glass and a microneedle. Not only can this process help remove blackheads, but it also targets whiteheads and other kinds of impurities present on the skin. The procedure is completely painless and thus, does not require any anesthesia.


After the skin is free of all impurities, the dermatologist massages the skin with special lotions to restore the skin’s hydration as well as nutrients that are essential for it. This leaves the skin soft and moisturized and reduced any inflammation that might occur.


As the final step of the procedure, the dermatologist then applies a mask on the patient’s face to ensure deep penetration of the cleaning treatment that has been conducted. The mask consists of hydrating products that further assists in calming the skin. Many patients claim to feel relaxed at this stage of the treatment because of how therapeutic it is. As a bonus, the mask also makes the skin firmer, leading to a more youthful appearance.

How Much Does It Cost?

 There is no fixed price for the deep cleansing facial treatment in Dubai, as the cost depends on various factors, such as the location of the clinic, expertise of the dermatologist, the number of sessions, condition of the skin, and products used during the procedure. However, the average cost of the procedure in Dubai has been calculated to be AED 48 and may increase if the treatment takes longer. Only the dermatologist can determine the fixed price after examining the skin.

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