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At times, the back of our neck becomes hyperpigmented. Such a neck can make one self-conscious because it may indicate that we are not careful about our hygiene. Most people try home remedies; however, they only seldom work. For severe cases, medical neck whitening treatments become a necessity. This blog will inform you about dark neck and dark neck treatment’s price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Keep reading the blog to get informed regarding the issue of dark neck.

Symptoms of a Dark Neck

You must have observed hyperpigmentation at the neck of a few people. Following are certain symptoms that indicate that you have a dark neck.

Thick Skin

The texture of your skin on the neck becomes denser than the rest of your skin. This is one of the indications that you may have a dark neck. A dermatologist can determine whether or not you need treatment.

Darkened Skin

The back of your neck becomes discolored compared to the other part of your skin. This is a clear symptom. In severe cases, your skin can become visibly black.

Smoother skin

Your neck may feel velvety when you touch it due to thickened skin. It can feel comparatively delicate and soft than the rest of your neck.

Causes of Dark Neck

We have elucidated various reasons that contribute to turning your neck darker than it healthily should be.

Sun Exposure

If your neck is under extreme sun exposure, excess tanning can make it appear darker than the rest of your body. It is important to know that the back of your neck catches tan and appears pigmented.

Dermatitis Neglecta

Dermatitis Neglecta is a skin condition that is developed due to poor hygiene habits. If your neck is not washed regularly and adequately, sebum and dirt accumulate on your neck. This makes a black layer appear on the skin.


Eczema and or other fungal infections can render your neck black.

Drug Intake

Due to drug usage, your skin becomes hyperpigmented. Some antimalarials, tetracyclines, and anti-inflammatory drugs can majorly contribute to darkening your neck.

Treatments for Dark Neck

If home remedies have failed to help you, there are some medical treatments that you can opt for in order to get rid of a dark neck. Following are such treatments:

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment in Dubai is extensively employed to treat a variety of skin conditions. Therefore, the most effective treatment for the dark neck is laser treatment. In this procedure, the dead skin cells affected are removed from the neck so that healthy skin cells can be produced.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels Treatment in Dubai is also providing effective technique for dark skin. It intends to do the same as laser treatment: removing the debris-affected skin layer. Depending upon the severity of your case, you may have to undergo several sessions.


Microdermabrasion Treatment in Dubai is providing deep exfoliation of the neck to remove dead skin cells and activate healthy skin cells. A certified dermatologist performs this procedure. Microdermabrasion helps alleviate the symptoms of dark neck.

Cost of Neck Whitening Treatments in Dubai

Dark neck treatment costs differently in different clinics. The cost can be decided as per consultation with your dermatologist. This is because the price depends on several factors. Some of them are:

The Treatment

The treatment you have opted for will determine the cost of whitening your neck.

Number of Sessions

The number of sessions you require will also determine the overall cost of the procedure. Laser therapy and microdermabrasion may require several sessions.

The severity of Your Case

If you have highly hyperpigmented skin, you may require more sessions and, therefore, more sessions. More sessions mean more cost. Consequently, you need to consult your doctor to be aware of how much the procedure will cost you in particular.

Clinic and Location of Clinic

The cost of the treatment is determined by the clinic you have chosen. Moreover, the clinic’s location also contributes to the high cost of the sessions. No two clinics will offer the same price.

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