Cost of Vampire Facelift With PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Fast Facts:

  • You can take years off your face without undergoing the knife by receiving a vampire facelift
  • The procedure involves the administration of injectable filler and platelet-rich-plasma to restore volume to your face.
  • It’s the doctor who decides the number of shots and sessions for you.

Just so you know, you may have dull, droopy skin due to weight loss, the natural aging process, genetics, lifestyle changes, and an unhealthy diet. But whatever the reason, you can opt for this type of skin rejuvenation treatment.

How It Works:

It is an aesthetic treatment that aims to improve the wrinkled skin with the patient’s own blood. When starting the therapy, the practitioner uses a special micro-needling device on the face. The device is used to create small punctures on the skin surface that will allow ingredients (PRP + hyaluronic acid) to reach the deeper layers.

In the next step, he collects a sample of the patient’s blood, places it in a centrifuge for boosting the platelet content, and then reinjects the mixture in the face.

It is minimally invasive, so mild to moderate pain is associated with it. However, the pain the manageable. With local anesthetics, the patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the entire treatment.

For your kind information, depending upon the extent of the sagginess, the doctor may ask you to have more than one shot. Once the patient knows what a vampire facelift with PRP is, their next question is “what is the cost of a vampire facelift with PRP in Dubai”. Note that, the prices may vary depending on the geographical location of the clinic, specific treatment plan, and individual goals, what follows is a comprehensive overview that will help you make an informed decision. So, keep reading.

Average Cost:

Vampire facelift has been highlighted on the news frequently in the past few years. Usually, it’s featured in connection with the therapies being provided to self-conscious celebrities. However, this treatment is also available for normal people since it’s often priced reasonably.

In general, the Cost of Vampire Facelift with PRP in Dubai ranges from AED 399 to AED 8000. But it is worth pointing out that the price largely depends on the individual case, the geographical location of the clinic, the reputation of the doctor, and the number of sessions required. Let’s explore some of these important factors in little more detail before you make any final decision.

The Geographical Location of the Clinic:

First and foremost, the Cost of Vampire Facelift with PRP in Dubai largely depends on the clinic you choose. Remember that, Vampire facelift is a very sophisticated treatment so it’s important to find a reputable clinic to get it. Simply put, never choose a clinic based on its lower rates. Before the treatment, make sure the clinic you are selecting is well-equipped and has experienced staff that can handle complications.

The Number of Sessions:

You may need three to four vampire facelift sessions to get optimal results. So depending on the sessions required, the cost will vary.

It’s best to have a detailed discussion with an expert to find out the exact price.

The Reputation of the Practitioner:

This factor plays a prominent role in increasing the cost of treatment. In general, experienced practitioners are expected to charge more fees than others.

The Outlook:

If you need a Vampire facelift in Dubai, it is very important to know how much and what kind you need. Frankly speaking, the treatment price is different for every patient. It varies based on certain things like the clinic, goals, sessions, etc.

Book an Appointment:

A detailed discussion on cost is always needed before receiving any cosmetic therapy. So, what do you say about face-to-face consultations? I just want you to know that you can book an appointment at Dynamic clinic, simply via phone or short forms.