Cost of Vaginismus Painful Intercourse Treatment in Dubai

Difficult intercourse, otherwise called dyspareunia, can distressingly affect a singular’s general fulfillment and joy. The experience of agony during sexual action can upset the physical and emotional parts of closeness, prompting a scope of unfortunate consequences. Actually, agonizing intercourse can cause distress and uneasiness, making people reluctant to take part in sexual action. This actual uneasiness can come from different elements, including ailments, diseases, hormonal changes, or injury. Moreover, it can also prompt sensations of dissatisfaction, guilt, and low confidence. It might strain connections, as accomplices might feel defenseless or dismissed when they can’t give the ideal degree of sexual fulfillment. In this situation, an individual must know about the Cost of Vaginismus Painful Intercourse Treatment in Dubai.

What Is It?

Vaginismus is a condition portrayed by compulsory muscle fits in the pelvic floor muscles, making vaginal entrance difficult or unimaginable. The treatment for vaginismus-related difficult intercourse commonly includes a multidisciplinary approach that tends to both the physical and mental aspects of the condition.

Treatment for vaginismus is profoundly individualized, and the methodology might shift relying upon the fundamental causes and the particular necessities of the individual. With the right help and treatment, numerous people with vaginismus can encounter critical improvement in their capacity to participate in torment-free and fulfilling intercourse.


This condition is considered an ailment that can cause several dissatisfactions and problems in the singular’s life. Therefore, medical professionals choose a variety of treatments to cure it properly.

  • Physical Therapy:

Pelvic floor exercise-based recuperation is a vital part of treatment. A trained specialist can work with people to assist them with figuring out how to unwind and control the pelvic floor muscles. Strategies might incorporate biofeedback, stretching exercises, and relaxation techniques.

  • Psychological Counselling:

Mental social treatment (CBT) and different types of mental advising can assist people with addressing any hidden mental elements adding to vaginismus. Treatment can help people distinguish and oversee nervousness, dread, or past injury connected with sex.

  • Dilators:

Graduated vaginal dilators are much of the time used to assist people with turning out to be more alright with vaginal infiltration. The experts embed these dilators into the vagina, beginning with the littlest size and step by step increasing. This can assist with desensitizing the region and diminish torment.

  • Topical Treatment:

Topical treatment for vaginismus basically intends to address the actual distress related to the condition and assist people with loosening up the pelvic floor muscles. The doctor may use these medicines with other remedial methodologies.


Following the aftercare after this procedure can help to ensure progress and maintain a satisfied and victorious sexual life. However, the patient should keep in mind that the healing process of this disease is very gradual. Therefore, the person should be calm and patient throughout the procedure.

  • Practice the procedures and activities picked up during treatment routinely.
  • Keep up with transparent correspondence with your accomplice about sexual encounters and concerns.
  • Go to booked follow-up meetings with medical care suppliers or advisors.
  • Focus on taking care of oneself, including pressure on the executives and unwinding strategies.
  • Keep an uplifting outlook and self-acknowledgment with respect to advance.
  • Rest on your emotionally supportive network for consistent reassurance and direction.
  • Remain informed about sexual well-being and any improvements in treatment.


The cost of this procedure varies according to the different conditions of the patients. There are different factors that can affect the price. This is the reason the doctor consults with the patient prior to treatment to discuss his overall condition. However, the cost of this procedure in our clinic in Dubai ranges from AED 6,000 to AED 9,999. The factors that can affect the cost are

  • Kind of Treatment:

The decision of treatment approach essentially influences the expense. For instance, if you require treatment with a sexologist or a specialist, the expense might include meeting charges. Assuming active recuperation is essential for the treatment plan, there will be related expenses for treatment meetings. Now and again, medicines may likewise include the utilization of dilators or other remedial instruments, which have their own expenses.

  • Duration of Treatment:

The length of the treatment plan fluctuates from one individual to another and relies upon the seriousness of vaginismus. A few people might require a couple of meetings, while others might require progressing treatment for a drawn-out period. Longer treatment lengths can prompt greater expenses.

  • Medical Expert Expenses:

The expenses charged by medical services suppliers, like sexologists, advisors, physical therapy specialists, or gynecologists, can shift in view of their experience and area. In areas with higher living expenses, medical care administrations might be more costly.

  • Geographic Area:

The expense of medical care administrations can shift fundamentally by geographic locale. In metropolitan regions or districts with a significant expense of living, medical care administrations will generally be more costly.

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