Botox Treatment for Vaginismus - Botox Cure For Vaginisums

Are you not enjoying your sex life? Do you feel that intercourse is just limited to a task rather than being a pleasurable deed? It is very legit because a lot of the factors are present that make sex less pleasurable and you do not reach up to fulfilling orgasm. On the other hand there might be other medical conditions including aging that can discourage your feelings . The most common factor for not feeling pleasured while intercourse is vaginismus. It is a very painful condition and 7/10  women are affected with it. It is a condition in which the vagina suddenly contracts while the act of penetration.  It is not under the domain or control of the women but it is involuntary. Thanks to the Dynamic Clinic that has now started offering botox for vaginismus treatment Dubai and almost hundreds of patients are treated with this treatment.  

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a rare medical condition in which the muscles of the vagina contract voluntarily without the women having the knowledge about it. It results in pain and extreme inability in having intercourse with penetration. Luckily now certain treatments are offered for the pain as well as release of the spasms occurring within the vaginal muscles.

What Are the Causes of Vaginismus? 

The causes of vaginismus are uncertain and it’s idiopathic however some researchers and gynecologists have declared that it could be because of the following reasons:

Anatomy of the Vagina:

 Some women have a very tight vagina in which the muscles are slightly thicker and tight as compared to the ideal ones. Therefore as soon as the penetrative act is being carried out the vagina starts to constrict because of the overfilling or swollen vaginal muscles.

Psychotic Problems:

A lot of the women especially those who are married young or in their early years of life are when subjected to intercourse forcefully or either unknowingly, then they are very likely to develop vaginismus because they might not readily prepare so their vagina constricts automatically.

History of Trauma:

Females or women being subjected to domestic violence, harassment, rape or sexual abuse often develop this condition because of the fear in their mind. It is not very easy for a woman to cope up with this condition because it directs her towards the past traumatic incidents.

What are the Treatment Options for Vaginismus?

Therapy and Counseling:

Women who have faced traumatic experiences related to intercourse in the past should be counseled  well either by a family member or by a therapist. She should acknowledge that vaginismus is a condition and it can be resolved by overcoming the fear in the mind. It is better to elaborate them and talk with their partner to be gentle and calm during intercourse and not to hurry in reaching the orgasms. 

Well Lubrication:

Sometimes having earned enough foreplay and keeping the vagina well lubricated often prevents the condition of vaginismus if it is not occurring anatomically. The well lubrication allows the penetration to be easier and it releases and relaxes the muscles of the vagina. On the other hand if the natural lubrication in the woman’s body is questionable then there are many lubricating agents available over the counter that may also help in relaxing the vaginal muscles.

Botox Treatment:

Everything goes in vain if the vaginismus is because of the woman’s reproductive organ incompatibility or because of the structural anatomy of the woman.  In such cases a botox for vaginismus treatment Dubai  is successful and highly effective. Instantly it relaxes the vaginal muscles and makes them less tense and tightened while intercourse. 

What is the Best Treatment Option for Vaginismus?

According to sexologists and gynecologists it is suggested that treatments that are least invasive and do not require any process of healing is an ideal treatment of choice for example Botox for vaginismus. Here are some details and overview about Botox treatment for vaginismus : 

The treatment involves injecting the Botox shot around the vaginal orifice or the opening. The treatment is not very painful as it sounds because the expert or sexologist will likely numb the area using a local anesthesia so that you might not feel any pain perception while the injection is being inserted. Botox Shot is one of the best and most demanding vaginismus painful intercourse treatment in Dubai.

The Final Verdict!

It is very important for a woman to report to the gynecologist  when she feels any tightness or extreme pain while having intercourse. It could be a severe high grade vaginismus and for that the expert will likely recommend a botox for vaginismus treatment in Dubai. You can visit our Dynamic Clinic for cost related concerns.