Cinderella Drip in Dubai

Cinderella Drip is safe and effective for improving overall skin health. This therapy is often employed to fix serious skin concerns. It utilizes an amazing blend of ascorbic acid, and naturally occurring substances – glutathione, Vitamin C, and Alpha Lipoic acid to correct skin deformities. It fights against aging signs, corrects sunburned skin, and lightens dark skin complexions. The dynamic clinic is the leading provider of Cinderella Drip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We use the highest quality products, state-of-art equipment, and techniques to deliver world-class services to patients. But before proceeding with the treatment, you’ll have a consultation with one of our skin experts. He will do your physical exam to find the most suitable treatment option for you in order to help you meet your beauty goals.

What is it For?

It is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation & whitening treatment for tired and dull skin. With this therapy, you can get rid of aging signs, edema, inflammation, and other skin conditions non-invasively. The procedure is quick, and generally takes 10 minutes to complete. However, your doctor may ask you to take this infusion once every nine months to see prominent, lasting effects. Please note that the results of Cinderella Drip treatment along with other skin procedures are better so, most of the time, it is recommended to combine it with procedures like Dermabrasion, and laser skin surfacing to produce better upshots.

How to prepare for this Treatment?

The better you prepare for the treatment, the better results and recovery will be afterward

  1. It’s important to quit smoking a week before the Cinderella Drip treatment
  2. On the day of treatment, shower properly
  3. Do not drink alcohol or use any blood thinner 72 hours before the treatment


A majority of people have this misconception that Cinderella Drip Dubai is purely a whitening drip but it’s a lot more than a whitening therapy. In addition, to offering skin benefits, it provides a number of health benefits to sufferers. Some real benefits of Cinderella Drip Treatment are:

  • It is a more permanent, easy, and reliable solution to skin concerns. While some topical creams and even some in-office skin treatments offer help with skin issues, a Cinderella Drip offers hope for those who suffer from serious conditions. Patients get rid of skin problems non-surgically and achieve lasting results with it.
  • Cinderella drip requires minimum maintenance. Mostly, patients are advised to attend maintenance sessions after two to four weeks which is a long period. So, maintenance is not so difficult and time-consuming.
  • The blend contains vitamin C, which is responsible for producing more and more white blood cells in the bloodstream. White blood cells boost the immune system by eliminating toxins from the body. With this treatment, you remain healthy for a lifetime.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid, the important ingredient, works by decreasing inflammation in the body. It reduces blood sugar levels and triggers the excellent functioning of the nerves. Besides, it also frees the skin from various aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, spots, etc.
  • The therapy is non-invasive and office-based, and the patient returns home immediately after having it.


While many skin whitening treatments appear a bit costly, this therapy is not like that. This is because, unlike other treatments that utilize advanced devices, it involves drips. Cinderella Drip Dubai is an ideal option for those who want to maintain optimal health non-invasively. It promotes a strong immune system and provides numerous benefits to the skin as a happy bonus. The drip transforms dark-colored melanin into a lighter one so patients receive many skin-lightening effects as well.

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We promise to deliver top-class services to our patients by making them look great and beautiful at reasonable prices. Our extensive experience in Skin Care Treatment, and managing all aesthetic concerns employ that we can handle every aesthetic issue of our client amazingly.

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