Chest Hair Transplant in Dubai

Are you facing the issue of less hair growth in your chest region? The majority of males have abundant hairs on the chest region. In males, the growth of hairs occurs by the presence of aldosterone hormone in excess. When the hormone is not sufficient the growth of hairs is not appropriate. The males who suffer less growth of hair want to have abundant hair. You should know Chest Hair Transplants in Dubai. come and know about all the pros and cons of this Chest Hair Transplant. You can get this transplant and have thick and dense hair on your chest. 

What are Chest Hair Transplants?

It is the hair restoration procedure that is also known as chest hair restoration. This is a surgical procedure that extracts hair from the back of the scalp and implants hair on the chest. It requires local anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. The doctor extracts the hair from the back of the scalp because they are dense and thick and show visible growth of hairs.

How it is Done?

This procedure is an innovative procedure that is authentic and fruitful for everyone. Here we will tell you the details of this procedure. Firstly we will extract the hair follicles from the back or side of the scalp. This extraction uses mini punctures in a circular motion by the FUE Hair Transplant Technique. The hairs of the scalp have similar characteristics as that of chest hair so they are good for the transplantation on the chest. After extracting these tiny hair follicles, he examines them under the microscope.  This ensures that these follicles are viable for extraction. It involves the separation of individual hair follicles into one to four hairs. 

The surgeon will give tiny cuts on incisions on the chest for the insertion of tiny hair follicles. You should be precise about the size, direction, and angle of hair follicles for good growth. The surgeon inserts the prepared grafts into the chest area which mimics the natural growth of chest hairs and gives you excellent results. He places each graft in the same pattern to ensure excellent growth of hair follicles. 

Chest Hair Transplants Aftercare:

You need to follow all the precautionary measures given by your healthcare provider. Your surgeon will suggest you some aftercare measures that are compulsory to follow for good results.

  • Do not do intense exercise that can cause sweating in the transplanted area. 
  • Do not smoke as it retards the healing process. 
  • Apply healing ointments and moisturizers as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not pluck or pull out the transplanted hairs. 
  • Take a good duet that is rich in proteins and other nutrients.
  • To keep your body hydrated, consume lots of water.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes after a hair transplant.

Results and Recovery:

The results of a chest hair transplant are permanent. You will feel less pain and discomfort due to local anesthesia. Moreover, the transplanted hair will shed off and the new hair will regrow after some days. The pattern and rate of new growth will be the same as that of chest hairs. You can get back to your work after some days. They will guide you with personalized information about your hair needs and how to take care of the chest hair transplant. You will notice a notable difference in the development of hair follicles, and the benefits are permanent.

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