Can Chest Hair Be Used for Hair Transplant

Hair loss is considered a very common concern for many people out there and is merely impacting the self-esteem and confidence of many. In the long run of regaining your hair back, various hair transplant techniques have spurred up. One major question that often arises is how and whether chest hair can be used for hair transplant procedures or not. Here we will describe the various methods of Hair Transplant in Dubai and does chest hair contributes to any importance in hair transplant based on the recommendation by our experts. 

Understanding Hair Transplant:

Before learning about the possibility of using chest hair for a hair transplant procedure, it is vital to understand the basic procedures involved in hair transplant in Dubai and our clinic. 

The transplant being a surgical procedure consists of a technology that utilizes multiple hair follicles injected into the target area especially the scalp for regeneration.  The site where the hair follicle is implanted is the recipient site and the area from where the follicle is extracted is known as the donor site.

 The type of hair transplant procedures are dynamic clinic entails include the following: 


 In this procedure, a strip of the scalp that consists of major hair follicles is surgically extracted from the donor site and is then reinserted into the scalp or the forehead. 


On the other hand, FUE involves extracting a single follicular unit from the donor site not many follicles on the whole. Each single follicle is then inserted into the recipient area and is then left for regrowth and regeneration.


 A PRP is a latest and innovative technique that has brought many people to our practice because of our well-versed delivery systems and successful feedback for hair transplants since history. 

This treatment is an organic method since the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the donor’s body and this is then injected into the recipient site. 

The plasma is then seen in action for regenerating new hair with better density, structure, and shape.

Can Chest Hair be Used for Hair Transplant?

Chest hair can be used for a hair transplant or not depending on various factors that differ from the scalp hair in terms of texture thickness and growth. 

While scalp hair is much finer and grows in extensive length, the chest hair is shorter and a little thicker than normal hair.

 A very important consideration is you do know that chest hair and scalp hair grow with similar patterns since the growth patterns are he grew, just here are potential agents that can be used for a hair transplant. However, it is important to assess the aesthetic outcomes because the result is not just to get the lost hair back but also to attain a natural hair look.

Hair Transplant Procedure at the Dynamic Clinic:

Hair transplant procedures in our clinic are no different than any hair transplant in Dubai. The steps include: 

Consultation and History-Taking:

 Before the surgery, a thorough consultation is done by the surgical professional, and the person’s stability is analyzed for the hair transplant. The surgeon also looks at the recipient and the donor area so that the treatment can be planned accordingly.

Treatment Site Preparation:

The donor site requires much more preparation as compared to the recipient site.   In the case of PRP the platelets are extracted significantly and in the case of FUT the donor site is prepared by extracting off the strip of follicles.

Recipient Site Creation:

The surgeon will make some tiny incisions in the recipient site and the hair is intended to be transplanted. The surgeon ensures that the angulation and orientation of the features are precise and accurate.

 Implementation of the Graft:

 The graph that is prepared is then introduced into the recipient site without disturbing the natural direction and angulation of the hair. 

Post-treatment Care:

 The insertion of the graph completes the procedure however the treatment is complete only after the candidate has attained recovery. The post-treatment care instructions include avoiding scratching your target area, any strainers exercise, or sticking to the medications advised. 

Our specialist’s Recommendation for Hair Transplant in Dubai:

Our clinic is well known for its world-class medical facilities, it is considered a hub for various cosmetic anesthetic procedures that include hair transplants.

Our specialists emphasize the importance of hair restoration which is not just for the sake of beauty concerns but also for boosting up one self-confidence and esteem. While Chest Hair Transplant may be considered a donor source, it is wholly solely dependent on the candidate whether they would like to choose it as a source of hair restoration or not.

According to our experts, hair restoration done at our place manages to meet the expectations of many individuals who have lost their hair either battling chronic diseases such as cancer or any other forms of hair loss. 

Why Choose Dynamic Clinic:

  • We offer some high-end services concerning hair transplants.
  • We keep and suggest minimally invasive treatments
  •  Treat our patients equally with love and respect for all
  •  cleanliness and hygiene is our utmost priority
  • Provide comprehensive care for everyone
  • Manage private and confidential matters of every candidate
  •  have the most affordable prices and packages
  •  give free consultation and advice to those in need

 The Final Verdict!

The decision for choosing chest hair for hair is completely your choice and we understand your needs and demands. In the end, it’s the perfect quality of hair that matters. 

Book your Hair Transplant at Dynamic Clinic today and see how we transform you into a new individual. We don’t just make people beautiful but also build up their confidence and encouragement towards living life lively.