Cheapest Dental Braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Are you inspired by the smile you see on celebrities? Are you also seeking ways for something that can align your teeth that are crooked, twisted and tilted? Then you will be glad to know that we are one of the best dental braces clinics in Dubai that strives to provide authentic and reliable treatment for a perfectly aligned smile.  There is so much about dental braces you don’t know and should learn before getting it done. 

What Are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are an orthodontic treatment that deals with the correction of the malalignment and the irregularities of the teeth. It is a very lengthy procedure and takes about years for complete results to achieve. It is one of the conventional methods and is still being used because of its effectiveness and reliability.

What kind of Problems Can Dental Braces Treat?

Dental braces can be used for a number of problems however the best dental braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi should be able to treat: 

  •   teeth that are extremely over protruded
  •  excessive spaces in between the teeth that cannot be treated by veneers
  •  crowding and overlapping of the teeth
  •  crowding and overlapping of the teeth
  •  tilted, twisted and crooked teeth

What Are The Types Of Braces?

Metallic Braces:

 These are the braces that have metallic brackets placed over the surface of the teeth. A stainless steel wire is run through the metallic brackets starting from the corner most and ending on the opposite side. Rubber rings are placed over the wire securing its fixation within the bracket.

Ceramic Braces:

As the name indicates ceramic braces are braces, the ones in which the brackets are made out of ceramic. However the wire is of stainless steel and the rubber rings that are placed over to secure the wire are transparent in color. 

Lingual Braces:

Unlike ceramic and metallic braces, lingual braces are not placed on the outer surface of the teeth, whereas they are placed on the inner surface of the teeth.  Metallic brackets are placed over the surfaces which are then added with up stainless steel wire ,secured with rubber rings for perfect adaptability and anchor.


Invisalign braces are not braces actually but their mechanism of action is exactly like them. They are mostly prescribed by the dentist after the orthodontic treatment is completed. They are normally retainers that prevent treatment relapse.

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How Are Braces Placed

The method of the application of braces is very complex. It is to be done by a very highly skilled professional in order to avoid errors. 

 Your dentist will first examine your oral health along with the problems that are needed to be corrected during the treatment. 

Once the dentist has thoroughly studied your oral cavity he/ she will then send you for an oral X ray of a complete mouth. This will elaborate the roots of the teeth and how they will be moved in order for the correct treatment. 

Your impression of the mouth will be taken so that the dental appliance can be constructed outside your oral cavity. This is basically done by a dental assistant. 

Once your model is ready you will then be called for the application of the braces.  The dentist will first apply metallic brackets on all your set of teeth. A thin stainless steel wire is then placed over the brackets affirming each and every bracket comes in contact. Rubber rings are then placed over the wire so that it can stay intact with the brackets.

Your dentist will then advise you some aftercare which is very necessary for further success of the treatment.

What Is The Cost Of  Braces In Dubai ?

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The Final Verdict! 

We are considered as the best dental braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because we have a team of very well professionals who are specifically trained for this treatment, other than that we have highly developed tools and instruments that are well sterilized.