Charges of Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

A Hair Transplant can give a full head of hair naturally. Generally, it’s done in two ways: With FUE or with FUT in which a strip of healthy follicles is extracted from the back of the scalp. Knowing the Charges of Hair Transplant in Dubai is what everyone considers while planning to undergo the procedure. Of course, getting different cost ideas is common after searching on google. Rest assured, only the official site of the clinic provides authentic information. Being the leaders in hair transplants we made hair transplantation much easier and more affordable.

Typical Cost:

FUE & FUT hair transplant usually costs between AED 6,999 to AED 14,999. Though, this cost estimate is just general. Depending upon the Hair Transplant Method, number of hair grafts, and desired thickness the unique cost would be charged accordingly.

Finance Options:

While offering reasonable rates for transplantation, we also propose a number of financial offers to help this procedure accessible to all. Quite simply, financial packages organized by us do not include any interests or further additional charges. A big amount of hair transplants can now be paid in installments. Well, there are a number of insights every patient must inspect before considering our financing offers. You need to speak directly to our dedicated hosts for it. They can inform the discounted surgery cost on behalf of your unique transplant journey.

Cost Defining Factors:

It’s quite natural to differentiate several hair transplant centers based on their offered services. Each clinic has diverse treatment standards to attract customers for hair transplants. This greatly affects the cost and this is the reason why each clinic offers unique transplantation rates. Besides, there are some basic factors that greatly affect the real charges of hair transplants in Dubai, these are:

  • Technique used.
  • Grafts required.
  • Size of area to be covered.
  • Surgeon’s experience.
  • Quality of Equipment.
  • Medical tests and additional services.

 What Makes Us Best For a Hair Transplant?

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic– is famous as the world’s largest hair restoration clinic. Our existence in this industry has been over a period of 10 years across the globe. Plus, the use of the latest technology makes our clinic the best for all hair treatments.

We are certified and famous for our trusted surgical and non-surgical hair loss procedures with excellent results. Though, some frauds are also available. You need to be aware of black-market hair transplant clinics in Dubai. Don’t rush after hearing of the cost. Look for the credentials, reviews, before and after pictures as well as complication rate. Satisfy yourself first, then decide on anything.

Get an Affordable Hair Transplant:

Our Hair Transplant rates are less compared with other clinics but that doesn’t affect our quality and services. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every single patient gets satisfied with the results and cost of the procedure. Our Hair transplant cost is entirely worth it.

While the accurate cost assessment is only possible after knowing the exact condition of your hair loss, which transplant is best, and what outcomes you can expect. This information could greatly help in making the right decision. For an accurate assessment of the Charges for Hair Transplants in Dubai, get in touch with us. Book your consultation to find your own personalized charges.