Ceramic Braces Cost in Dubai

Use Of Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are the real game-changers, they are popular among both the young and old people because they are way more aesthetic than the metal ones. Clear Ceramic Braces are invisible. The treatment leaves you confident without anyone knowing that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Why are they so invisibly clear? Because they are very much clear and have smaller brackets in comparison with the metal braces. They have the tooth color and the brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth with the archwires threaded to the slots into the brackets. The archwires are also tooth-colored to match them by reducing the visibility to a greater extent. Ceramic Braces Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah varies from place to place.

A More Gentle Experience:c

  • Usage of ceramic braces can be a smoother and gentle experience for any age group of patients.
  • Pros of Ceramic Braces
  • Braces are invisible.
  • The brackets of the ceramic braces are stain-resistant with no effects of discoloration.
  • The consistent force with a gentle experience can make it a very gentle experience.
  • Traditional metal brackets and wires are not as comfortable as the clear ceramic ones.
  • Hygienic and very much easy to clean.

Cost Of Ceramic Braces In Dubai:

Millions of smiles are delivered with our best services at competitive prices at Dynamic Clinic. The use of ceramic braces is clinically proven for over 20 years. Although the prices are not fixed the Ceramic Braces Cost in Dubai ranges from 1200 AED to 1400 AED covering the whole package.

Clear And Invisible:

Your smile is the best thing about you. So your braces should not be the first thing people notice is your smile. But the Ceramic Braces in Dubai got your back. They are not visibly irritating to block your smile. The clear ceramic braces are made to match the natural color of your teeth. This is a pretty alternative to the metal braces. Clear ceramic braces are very much popular among teenagers as they don’t like compromising on their looks. But it is never about a specific age group.

How Ceramic Braces Work:

The working of the ceramic braces is the same as that of the metal braces. Normal teeth-colored brackets are fixed on your teeth supported by the archwires matching the natural color. The target is to tighten the wires in an interval; it is done by an expert orthodontist. The constant tightening of the archwires helps in achieving the best-aligned teeth and a perfect smile.

Process Of Getting Ceramic Braces:

  1. Firstly when you visit a dentist, he would closely look into your teeth, gums, and overall dental health. In case you have any other issues related to your oral health. You are going to get the initial treatments first. You may get proper cleaning before moving on to the braces.
  2. After the initial treatments, X-rays are taken to plan a procedure for every patient. The overall plan is made and discussed with the patient alongside the price of it.
  3. Braces are not installed before cleaning and drying the teeth.
  4. A harmless, nontoxic adhesive is used to attach the brackets. The LED light helps us in adjusting it.
  5. The archwire is attached to the ceramic bracket with the help of the rubber bands to place them in order.
  6. Finally, you can schedule follow-ups with your doctor to see the progress.

Post Treatment Care:

Maintain the proper oral hygiene to continue with your post-treatment care.

  • Brush your teeth regularly.
  • Consult with your Orthodontist.
  • Avoid highly pigmented food.

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