Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma

A flawless, radiant, and youthful outlook of the skin is a dream, and due to certain factors, individuals are struggling with it. Everyone is observed complaining about acne, pigmentation, dull and patchy skin, and sagging due to any reason. One of the most common complaints is Melasma – a skin condition that consists of brown or blue-grey patches, giving an outlook of freckles.

Regrettably, one cannot stop the appearance of any outbreak process, but one can reduce or stop them from appearing again. The evolution of aesthetic procedures promises minimal discomfort to patients who desire to achieve radiant skin free from Melasma.

One promised no-discomfort procedure is the Laser Carbon Peel, which helps bring the youthful appearance back.  Let’s get familiar with the Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma in Dubai.

What is Carbon Laser Peel?

The Carbon Laser Peel is a Non-Invasive, Aesthetic, FDA-approved Melasma Treatment in Dubai. In certain places, this treatment is referred to as “Carbon Laser Facial” due to its procedural nature, which focuses on:

  • Clearing the skin from acne.
  • Reducing the signs of pigmentation.
  • Shrinking the visible open pores.
  • Improving uneven textures.
  • Stimulating collagen fabrications.
  • Tightening of the Skin.

How Does Carbon Laser Peel Work?

Carbon Laser Peel mostly takes place inside the facility’s boundaries. Usually, this laser peel technique involves:

  • Carbon Lotion – exfoliates the skin, prepares it for the treatment, takes about a few minutes to dry, and pulls out all the dirt from the skin as it dries off.
  • Warming Laser – that will heat the carbon in lotion, which absorbs the impurities of the skin.
  • Pulsed Laser – that breaks down the carbon signals the healing process of the skin and stimulates the collagen and elasticity of the skin to make it appear firm.

How Does Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma Works?

This treatment involves the combination of Laser and Peel masks. Due to such a treatment plan, visible signs of pigmentation are reduced, improvement in the skin texture, elimination of the dirt and oil from the pores, reducing the fine line and pore size. The Melasma Laser Treatment method slowly and steadily affects the skin in 6 – 8 sessions.

Other Laser Treatments for Melasma:-

Other laser treatments can help reduce and stop them from appearing again. These laser treatments are as follows.

 Hollywood Laser Peeling:

Hollywood Laser Peeling treatment is one of the treatment plans that target melasma. It helps in the rejuvenation of the skin, reduces the fine line, and reduces pigmentation. Furthermore, it has no downtime and provides permanent outcomes.

 Q Switch Carbon Laser:

Q Switch Carbon Laser is also beneficial when it comes to treating melasma. It breaks the melasma pigmentation into small pieces to the extent that it quickly is removed naturally.

Who Can Have Carbon Laser Peel?

Carbon Laser Peel in Dubai primarily opted by people with:

  • Oily Skin.
  • Acne
  • Melasma after or during the Pregnancy.
  • Enlarged and clogged pores.
  • Sun Damaged Skin.

What is the Cost of Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma?

The average cost of Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma in Dubai is AED 600. This cost involves the charges of laser and peel masks and the procedural methods of this treatment.

Why Does Carbon Laser Treatment Recommend at Dynamic Clinic Dubai?

The treatment itself is a non-invasive procedure performed by our qualified team of experts with precision and care. Furthermore, we provide a friendly environment and hospitable staff that ensures our patients are comfortable. Our clinic is recognized as one of the best laser clinics in the UAE. Our facilities have top-notch laser technology; through highly equipped lasers, our specialists have completed many successful procedures, of which we received positive feedback from our patients.

Free Consultation!

Get your free consultation for Carbon Laser Peel for Melasma in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic Dubai if you require more information on the treatment before deciding to have it. As far as the treatment is involved, we assure you that opting for this laser treatment at our facility will benefit you. We guarantee optimal outcomes.