Can Your Diet Have an Impact on Acne

We all desire acne-free flawless skin; however, unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with such blissful skin. While your genetics primarily determine your texture and skin type, other factors have a significant influence on it as well. Some dermatologists believe that certain elements in your diet can also lead to acne. More so when your skin is prone to acne. Various research studies have confirmed that acne can be worsened with the intake of certain substances present in your diet. However, dermatologists, as well as nutritionists, are still divided over this argument. While there are various effective and powerful acne treatments, this blog will discuss to what extent diet has a part to play.

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What is Acne; Why It Prevails:

Before exploring the relationship between acne and diet, it is crucial to understand what acne is. Acne is a condition in which skin pores are clogged, causing pimples and breakouts to prevail. Oil, dirt, and dead skin cells are responsible for blocking these pores and, in turn, giving rise to blemishes and blisters, blackheads/whiteheads.


You must have observed that some people eat healthily, have a proper skincare routine, and yet suffer from acne, while others are careless towards their skin yet enjoy a flawless acne-free look. The real culprit for this is genetics. It plays a significant role in determining your skin.

Oil and Dirt:

As mentioned above, oil has a significant part in the prevalence of acne. Foods containing high levels of sugar and milky foods have been seen to be affecting the presence of acne. This means that people with oily skin are more prone to acne.


In addition, hormonal changes are one of the major factors contributing to acne’s prevalence on your face. This is exactly why most teenagers who hit puberty have acne-occupied faces.

Diet and Acne:

All dermatologists and nutritionists believe that diet can have some effect on breakouts. However, most of them think that the influence is not too important. We will explain why it feels that diet can affect acne.

If your skin is oily and you intake fatty foods, some hormones trigger the overactivation of a hormone similar to insulin, which can contribute to acne. Therefore, milky food contributes to acne-ridden skin due to clogged skin pores. Moreover, food with high sugar levels triggers insulin. High insulin levels are a potential cause of fluctuating hormones, and hormonal imbalance is one of the leading contributors to acne. Therefore, diet has an indirect effect on the skin. The myth that oily foods contribute to acne is false for the most part. Oily foods do not have a direct impact on the oil glands.

Can Diet Help an Acne-Ridden Skin?

Diet does have a link to acne, and the right amount of nutrition can help acne. However, diet cannot entirely make your face free of acne in severe cases. You may employ other methods such as IV drips for acne for that purpose. These drips are full of nutrients infused into the blood and absorbed at a maximum rate. Therefore, if a proper diet has not worked for you, IV drips are a perfect instant solution for acne; however, temporary.

Who Can Help You Combat Acne?

In order to entirely get rid of acne, you must consult a dermatologist. It is more a domain of a dermatologist than it is of a nutritionist. Some of the best dermatologist clinics in Dubai can solve the problem of acne by nipping the situation in the bud. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you will be acquainted with the best dermatologist in Dubai for Acne. They will take a proper examination and then will propose a solution accordingly.

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