Can You Get Your Teeth Pulled & Get Teeth Dentures on the Same Day

Feel like your outfit is never complete without a smile? However, your dentures won’t be ready for another six weeks and you’re set to have your teeth extracted. Teeth extraction and implantation of Dentures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be done on the same day, allowing you to bridge the gap in time and in your mouth while still dressing up and grinning. Learn what to anticipate, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, before deciding on the same-day extraction and dentures procedure. Additionally, find out if you qualify for urgent dentures.

What Exactly are Same-Day Implants?

The first step in Same-Day Implant Surgery is establishing your appropriateness for the operation. Dental implants will be precisely positioned in your jaw on the day of your visit, utilizing the preexisting bone structure to avoid the need for time-consuming bone grafts. The dental bridge will be linked to the implants once the implants have been loaded into the jawbone. After receiving same-day dental treatment, your smile will seem instantaneously more attractive, and you will be able to use the implants and replacement teeth immediately.

Are Immediate Dentures Right for You?

Even if you think that instant Dentures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are a good fit for you, they might not be. Studies indicate that this can be because the therapy is complicated or more oral procedures are required.

Before arranging for you to receive immediate dentures after extraction, your dentist, oral surgeon, and other dental experts will take into account the following:

  • Your age.
  • Your mental and emotional condition.
  • Several oral health issues, such as an uneven bite, bone loss, or severe gum disease.

Your physical condition, especially if you:

  • Dealing with a severe illness.
  • Undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  • Having heart problems or blood clotting difficulties.

Immediate Dentures’ Advantages:

Getting Dentures in Dubai right away after dental extraction has several benefits. 

  • Additionally, patients won’t have to leave the dentist’s office without their teeth. 
  • Furthermore, instant dentures are frequently made in advance of the extraction. As a result, the form and even the color of the patient’s teeth may be imitated by the dentures. 
  • Immediate dentures serve as a bandage over the extraction site to aid in the healing process. 
  • Until the permanent dentures are fitted, these dentures also assist patients to chew and speak.


Obtaining instant dentures involves a procedure much like getting regular dentures. Prior to extraction, patients would need to go through one or two visits. The dentist builds molds for the dentures and collects measurements throughout those visits. A general dentist will remove any required teeth from a patient on the day of the extraction. The dentist will next place the temporary dentures and assess how well they fit. Until a permanent set is complete, the patient will wear these dentures.

Occasionally, within the first 24 hours of receiving their instantaneous Dentures in Dubai, patients may experience some discomfort and agony. The patient will eventually become used to wearing the dentures, which will ease this pain. Patients will start to feel a little better within the first two weeks. Patients could also detect an increase in salivation. During this time, it’s crucial to keep consuming soft foods.

During the first three weeks, patients could also need their temporary dentures modified. The majority of permanent dentures are prepared for an initial fitting around a month following the extraction date. Patients should keep their temporary dentures even after acquiring their permanent ones. Permanent dentures can occasionally disappear or cause harm.


If at all possible, avoid cleaning your teeth near the surgical site in the first several weeks following Dentures in Dubai. Switch to a soft, progressive diet that incorporates solid meals and avoid solid or junk foods. You won’t have any dietary restrictions until the surgical site has fully recovered. By brushing and rinsing your mouth twice daily and seeing your dentist frequently, you may maintain proper dental hygiene.


  • Paying additional fees for what amounts to two sets of dentures.
  • Temporary dentures may become uncomfortable as the gums recover and shrink over time.
  • Scheduling several dentist appointments before and after acquiring temporary dentures, especially if it looks like they’ll need to be adjusted while the gums recover and recede.
  • Not anticipating the appearance of the dentures before insertion.

Bottom Line!

Getting extractions and Dentures in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at the same time may be an option if you need to have any teeth removed but still want to keep your smile natural and your teeth functioning as they should. Even while it can be what you wear from ear to ear that counts, before deciding to have the same-day surgery, be sure to know what to expect, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and what your dental specialists advise.