How to Get Used to New Dentures?

When wearing new Dentures in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for the first time, it can often take some time to become used to them. Since the lower denture is sometimes less secure and your tongue might feel a little confined, getting used to its feel can frequently take a little longer than getting used to the top denture.

Before you feel entirely at ease around them, it might take a few weeks. Any teething symptoms that develop initially frequently go away within a short period of time. It’s more about the patient than the dental staff at this point in the denture familiarization process.


Any initial inconveniences you may have will go as soon as your mouth starts to adjust to your new dentures. Reading aloud is a potent technique that patients may use to overcome any speech problems quickly. 

When wearing dentures for the first time, patients may notice that their mouths produce more saliva than usual, which is entirely normal. Drink water to thin your saliva and swallow more frequently to combat this. Your saliva levels will soon revert to normal and these early-stage peculiarities will fade.


It may take some getting used to eating with Dentures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi since your mouth takes some time to adjust to working properly with your new oral appliance. Some patients who visit our office discover that their face has really shrunk in size as a result of wearing ill-fitting, severely corroded dentures for an extended period of time. 

Your new dentures will put your jaw back in its proper place, which can temporarily affect how you can eat. Your dentures will restore your face proportions to their previous state, thereby improving your ability to eat. It’s advised that you take smaller chunks of food that have been thoroughly sliced for people who are just learning how to eat with dentures.

You learn how to adjust to your new bite from him. Never attempt to consume anything crunchy, rough, or stringy while you are just starting out with your Dentures in Dubai. When eating, try to avoid biting down on your front teeth since this may cause long-term changes in their alignment. Decide to bite down on the sides of your (new) rear teeth instead.

While it may take some time for you to feel completely comfortable wearing your dentures, the high-quality prostheses provided by Dentures will enable you to resume enjoying all of your favorite foods.

There are several things that may be done for people who already have complete dentures to guarantee a quicker transition:

  • Slice your meal thinly and take your time chewing.
  • Chew on both the left and right sides of your mouth at the same time rather than just one.
  • Avoid using your front denture teeth to bite down on bits of food.

Set Reasonable Goals:

Your Dentures in Dubai will first feel strange, just like braces do. Even learning how to eat or speak normally while wearing them could seem humiliating. While you become acclimated to this, it’s natural to experience some shock and discomfort, but it won’t continue forever.

Patience is essential while you become used to speaking and eating. The dentists state that slight pain following the installation of new dentures is common. Denture readjustments at the dentist’s office might assist in the meantime to reduce pain. As your gums and jaw are still getting acclimated to them, you might also want to think about pulling out your dentures every few hours or so.

Avoid substituting processed foods with more forgiving, nutrient-dense meals during this initial stage of wear. The dentist advises starting with smaller pieces of easier-to-chew, softer foods and gradually working your way up to harder things like red meat or apples.

Address Trouble Areas:

Sore patches in the mouth are prone to develop when wearing new Dentures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. During the first few weeks of wearing the new dentures, these uncomfortable places are typical and even anticipated. Warm salt water rinses assist to lessen pain and inflammation brought on by painful areas in the mouth.

Final Verdict!

It takes time and experience to correctly wear new Dentures in Dubai. To get used to their new dentures, the majority of dental patients employ advice. There are several tips accessible, so people may pick and select the ones that will be most helpful to them.

We encourage you to call our office right away if you have any inquiries regarding getting used to your new dentures.