Can You Get Laser Hair Removal Over A Tattoo

“Can laser hair removal be done over a tattoo?” is a common question.

In conclusion, laser hair removal over a tattoo is not advised. If a patient has laser hair removal and a tattoo in the treatment region, the practitioner must laser around the tattoo.

Is Laser Hair Removal Secured Over Tattoos?

Yes it’s safe but it can affect your tattoo little bit. However, there is a more detailed explanation.

Laser hair removal works by attracting pigment to the laser’s energy. The laser’s radiation attracts and absorbs the pigment in one’s hair and hair follicles, stopping the body from growing new hair. This works well for laser hair removal. The laser would be drawn to the ink on the tattooed skin since tattoos are made completely of pigment.

The skin would be exceedingly reactive if these lasers came into touch with the ink in a tattoo, regardless of the type of laser used for laser hair removal—Alexandrite, YAG, etc. These techniques are effective for removing hair permanently.

But Doesn’t The Use Of A Laser Require Tattoo Removal?

Hair removal lasers are not the same as tattoo removal lasers. For laser tattoo removal we use Q-switches to provide energy faster, causing the pigment to shatter as soon as the laser contacts it.

Hair removal lasers, on the other hand, are meant to direct energy to the hair follicle, inhibiting its ability to create new hair. As a result, when a tattoo is exposed to a hair removal laser, the pigment absorbs the energy and is unable to cool quickly enough, resulting to faden tattoo.

The laser is designed to penetrate the skin’s dark pigmented regions. The laser will absorb more heat because tattoos have more pigment areas. When a laser is pulsed over the skin, the hair follicles are significantly smaller, therefore the heat generated by the laser is not as destructive. This heat spreads down the hair shaft, damaging tiny cells at the hair follicle’s base. By supplying blood to the hair, these interconnected cells aid in its growth; however, if the laser is switched off, the hairs lose their blood supply and do not regenerate.

 Always seek laser hair removal treatment from a trained and experienced practitioner who understands how to avoid tattoos.

What Happened To Your Tattoo?

You should be alright if you have a tattoo on your ribs and wish to remove body hair from your underarms. You may face challenges if you have a full sleeve tattoo and want to remove the hair on your arms, or if you have a tattoo on your thigh and want laser hair removal on your legs. If you plan on having more tattoos in the future, keep in mind that laser hair removal cannot be done over the tattoo and must be done around it.

What Are Your Possibilities?

If you wish to keep your tattoo but get rid of the surrounding hair, your Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic laser hair removal professional will likely create a template to place over it. This will protect the area around your tattoo from laser damage, allowing you to get hair removed elsewhere. Between your tattoo and the treated area, the technician will usually leave a 2 to the 3-centimetre gap. If your tattoo is protected, there is no chance of laser hair removal harming it.

If you’re thinking of getting rid of an unsightly tattoo as well as laser hair removal, start with the tattoo removal. You’ll most likely have to wait until your laser tattoo removal is complete before starting the hair removal procedure, but each case is different. It all depends on where your tattoo is and how much of your ink and the hair you wish to remove overlap.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal cost in Dubai can range from AED 300 to AED 1600. The cost of treatment varies greatly depending on the location. The nose, upper lip, chin, and sides of the face are often graded between AED 300 to 600. Larger body parts, such as the legs and back, are priced at AED 1200.

Effectiveness Of Laser Hair Removal Over Tattoo 

Tattooed people can safely use laser hair removal. However, lasering directly over a tattoo is risky. You should avoid the area where you got your tattoo for safety reasons. 

If you are thinking of removing the hair removal with a laser over a tattoo then you must go for tattoo removal first. Laser hair removal over the tattoo is not effective. But laser hair removal around the tattooed skin is effective because the tattooed ink is not touched with the laser. Once the ink of the tattoo absorbed the laser heat it causes minor wounds and blisters.


Tattooed people can safely use laser hair removal. However, lasering directly over a tattoo is risky. You should avoid the area where you got your tattoo for safety reasons.

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