Can skin whitening treatment work for different skin types

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Skin whitening treatments have been around for quite some time now. People still use the old traditional methods such as creams, face masks, and serums, that was recommended to them by their elders. While these products can be effective for a little while, they still do not provide the comfort and relaxation that a permanent solution does.

The extensive use of products such as creams and bleaches tend to hurt the skin, as they disturb the tyrosinase enzyme, which is considered instrumental for the production of melanin and therefore, reducing its amount in the skin.

Get more information about Skin whitening treatments in Dubai for different skin types such as oily skin and how they work, through this article.

What Causes the Skin to Get Oily?

It is a well-known fact that everyone’s skin produces some amount of oil, but for some people, this production can be in extensive amounts. The sebaceous glands in a person produce sebum, which is a form of an oily or waxy substance, for moisturizing and protecting the hair and the skin. Hence, oily skin happens when glands tend to produce too much sebum, which can ultimately lead to a greasy surface of the skin, clogged pores, as well as acne.

How Does Skin Whitening Treatment for Oily Skin, Work in Dubai?

There are several treatments available to give the person their desired skin look, however, oily skin can limit a person’s options to a certain skin whitening treatment. Some of these treatments are

  • Topical procedures
  • Laser therapy
  • Microdermabrasion

Topical Procedure for skin whitening:

This method of skin whitening in Dubai involves easing up and blanching creams that are the prominent choices for the tone of dull and dim skin. This method is known to be very affordable as well as painless but requires an extensive amount of consistency and commitment by the individual. On the contrary, many skin specialists claim that the creams hardly have an effect on the skin, despite the hard work and effort the individual might put in and they bring long-haul secondary effects to the skin.

Laser Therapy:

The Laser Therapy for oily skin whitening in Dubai is utilized to treat skin that has been harmed by the sun and also to control the creation of melanin color. Moreover, it also assists in the incrementation of collagen creation. Thus, resulting in brilliant and astonishing-looking skin.


This is a restorative procedure that is known to be successful in treating various circumstances such as dull, dim, and lopsided tone of skin. It is used to eradicate the furthest layer of undesirable skin, ultimately uncovering lighter, fresher, and more splendid skin. Additionally, it is a compelling treatment for sun harm, skin break-out, scarring, and dull pigmentation blotches.


Note: The ideal result from any treatment is only achieved by the individual after numerous visits to a skilled dermatologist or doctor. Treating the skin to your knowledge can lead to adverse effects, as the skin requires careful examination before it can be treated properly.

How Much Does Skin Whitening Treatment Cost?

Many people tend to spend significant amounts of money to get the skin they always wished and hoped for, to complete their perfect look. Just like other cosmetic treatments, the price of a skin whitening procedure depends on the nature of the skin tone being treated, how many sessions would be required, and what the dermatologist recommends. The average cost for Skin whitening treatment is AED 300. Lasers are, however, more expensive and their price may range from AED 800 to AED 1500. On the other hand, the full-body skin whitening cost in Dubai varies from AED 1500 to AED 5000.

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