Can I Use Someone Else’s Hair for my Hair Transplant

Hair is the most attractive body organ. It contributes to our beauty. But when people start hair, losing it causes many problems in their life. Then they go here and there to find the solution to fix the problem. But not any single remedies help to prevent the loss. But then they decide on a Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is the best method to restore hair. But people are curious about whether Can I use someone else’s hair for my hair transplant? A hair transplant using someone else’s hair would be difficult. This uses hair from your own body because of compatibility difficulties. As a result, to avoid donor hair rejection by the recipient and future infections. A doctor would not use hair from another individual. Here, we will guide you through the whole procedure.


Hair Restoration in Dubai is effective in regaining your self-esteem. Because hair receding makes people conscious e about their age. But transplantation makes it easy to regain your hair volume. It gets the hairs from the thick area and then transplants them into the receding areas. This procedure doesn’t have any adverse reactions. The procedure is very innovative in fueling the bald spots on the scalp. It works on different body parts, including brows, beard, and all over the body.


Hair transplants are a less intrusive procedure. This signifies that some preventive steps are easy for the process to be safe. Applicants must follow if they want a wants risk-free surgery. The patient should take the following precautions to ensure a safe procedure:

  • Applicants must not be chain smokers or alcohol.
  • The candidates must have enough hair in the receiving area.
  • Their blood should be devoid of contaminants and chemicals.
  • Applicants must avoid blood thinners for more than a month.
  • You should avoid eating too much fat.
  • Candidates must eat a nutritious diet.
  • You must have pure blood to receive PRP treatments after the transplant.

Types of Hair Transplant:

The surgery is very convenient that entails shifting hair from one area to another. In this procedure, the expert will extract the hair from the donor area. The recipient location is the surgical site where the hair will be inserted. Most hair transplants are done in the same order: extract and insert. But the following are the most effective treatments.


This procedure involves extracting one graft at a time from the donor site. This procedure causes small scares in the target area. Even though there is only a 90% of success rate, FUE is the favored method because of less scarring.


This procedure includes removing a full strip of hair from the donor site. Then inserting the graft together with the scalp tissue into the receiver site. Although FUT has a 99% success rate. But most people prefer not to have it done because it creates scarring.


We sometimes know this procedure as a FUT. The procedure is the most effective hair restoration treatment. The therapy also moves hair from the back of the scalp to a balding or thinning area. This surgery can perform for any purpose. It can be for medicinal or cosmetic purposes or both. The procedure is simple. Although the outcome, like other cosmetic treatments, varies from case to case. It is sometimes performed under general anesthesia.

Can We Use Someone Else’s Hair for a Transplant?

There are many applicants they want to know. If someone else could donate hair for my transplant. The answer is always no, we wouldn’t encourage it. When people think of transplants. They think of hair transplant donors. Why can’t physicians transplant hair if they can transplant organs? A hair transplant using someone else’s hair would be difficult. Hair from your own body is used in a hair transplant. Because of cell and texture incompatibility. To avoid donor hair allergy and future illnesses. A doctor would not use hair from another individual. If you use someone else’s hair, your body will develop a unique problem. Your body will automatically mount an immune response and reject the foreign hair. But leading to infections and hair loss and rendering the hair transplant useless.


The Cost of Hair transplants in Dubai is flexible. It ranges from AED 7,000 to AED 14,000. The expenses of the procedure are not constant. Because it depends on many variables. The following are key factors that can change the expenses:

  • The need for grafts.
  • The experience of the doctor.
  • The reputation and level of the clinic.
  • The expectation of the customers.

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