Can Dermal Fillers Correct a Crooked Nose

The nose is one of the facial features that enhances the other facial features too. When you have a pointed and straight nose, its bridge shines, making you look more attractive. Spending a lot of time learning how to contour the imperfect nose by watching hundreds of youtube tutorials is unnecessary. If you just want to have a natural nose contour and are uncomfortable having invasive surgery, Dermal Fillers Injections in Dubai is made for you! Learn to know if your crooked nose can be treated, and you can achieve your desired aesthetic goals. 

Can Dermal Fillers Correct a Crooked Nose?

A crooked nose can be corrected without surgery using Dermal Filler in Dubai or a Liquid Rhinoplasty. If the nose has deformities or the nose structure is damaged, surgery is preferred. In most cases, Facial fillers like Restylane can be used to correct the nose shape or reshape the nose; the nose imbalance/crookedness can also be concealed. 

Goals of the Dermal Fillers for Crooked Nose Correction

  • Making a more balanced, even and straight nose
  • Adding volume to the targeted nose areas makes it appear well-positioned and even out the nose bridge. 
  • Correction of an asymmetrical or crooked nose
  • Smoothing and Correcting the bumps on the nose bridge and making it appear straight
  • The treatment also corrects the nose malformations which have undergone a rhinoplasty previously.
  • These injectable fillers also efficiently resculpt the nose tip. If your nose tip sinks or is too short and not pointed, the fillers will be added for the volume and the correction.  
  • Dermal Fillers can also help get rid of the scars on the nose. If you have nose scars due to an accident or previous nose surgery, these uncredible fillers can fill in those scars, smoothing out the skin by reducing their appearance. 

Are Nose Fillers for Crooked Nose Safe?

Fillers in Dubai are entirely safe for nose correction. The best part is that It’s a non-surgical procedure which requires no cuts and incisions. This means no intense complications, definitely no scarring, and no months of prolonged recovery and downtime. The dermal fillers for nose therapy are minimally invasive, have a shorter recovery period, are less painful and require no downtime. 

What to Expect in the Consultation?

During your initial consultation at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai, the injectable nose expert will examine your nose condition thoroughly, including checking out the malformities, degree of problem and correction. After the detailed examination, the perfect and customized treatment plan will be made for you. If you have nose structure issues, want a nose size reduction, or have breathing issues, then the surgery is the only option to consider. But in case of minor unevenness and correction, dermal fillers are the best. Generally, hyaluronic acid fillers add volume and reshape the imperfect nose. This is the main phase of nose correction therapy, where the personalized treatment and overall expenses will be finalized. So Choose a Surgeon and the Clinic wisely because you will have to spend several months with the outcome. 

How Do Dermal Fillers for Crooked Nose Work?

The treatment is tolerable and less painful, requiring minimum discomfort. You will feel like getting a regular injection. The dermatologist injects an injectable ingredient, the gel-form hyaluronic acid. The liquid gets injected in the nose area where the correction is needed, smoother lines are required, or volume is needed for the desired outcome. 

The treatment requires no downtime; you can resume your social life within a day.

How Long Does the Dermal Filler in Dubai Last?

The long-term effects vary from patient to patient as every patient has different aesthetic goals. Remember that these injectable fillers do not offer permanent results; they can last from 12

months to 18 months. The effects are long-term compared to the other facial areas like eyes, around the mouth and lips because the nose requires less movement. If the patient wants to enjoy the effects a little longer, the repeated and the top-up filler therapies would be excellent.

How much a patient can expect to pay for Nose Fillers?

Though the cost varies from person to person and gets decided in the initial consultation after the detailed examination, still the patient should expect to pay for Dermal Fillers Cost in Dubai starts from 1500 AED

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