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The smile achieved after the treatment of braces is an impeccable one. There is no doubt that dentistry has made the art of aesthetics one of the most demanding commodities for everyone. Among all the branches of dentistry orthodontics is one that is highly focused in correcting the facial profile. The treatment of dental braces used for straightening and correcting the misalignment is one of the most successfully running treatments overall. Nevertheless there are some concerns related to it reported by the candidates. A lot of them have asked, can braces ruin my teeth enamel”?

Here are some facts and a brief overview that explain enamel damage from braces removal. 

What Are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are a form of dental appliance that are placed over the surface of the teeth for the correction of malocclusion, straightening the teeth that are hooked, twisted tilted out, correct the spacings etc. They are placed by highly skillful and professional orthodontists and it requires a great deal of study and experience in order to place them first up on top of that of dental braces is the one that demands A lot of skillful knowledge and techniques. 

What Are The Types of Braces? 

  • Metallic braces.
  • lingual braces.
  • ceramic braces.
  • Invisalign.
  • Damon braces.

What Are The Uses of Dental Braces? 

  • To close excessive spacing.
  • For the correction of protruding teeth.
  • To bring included teeth into the oral cavity.
  • to correct crowding of the teeth.
  • two well position the alignment of the teeth.
  • To maintain a perfect smile.
  • To achieve an ideal facial profile.

There are many quacks and illegal practices carried out for providing the braces treatment. Only a learned and skillful person has the domain to provide the best braces like the one in our Dynamic clinic

How Does The Phenomena of Braces Work?

Before moving forward to knowing about the problems associated with braces you need to know how they do their mode of action. Dental brackets placed over the teeth, secured by wire and rubber rings, work by moving the roots of the teeth. This is basically done by the excessive pressure exerted by the dental braces collectively. The movements simultaneously cause the crown portion of the tooth to move in the favorable direction according to the dentist.

This root movement is not just a normal mobile movement rather it is all planned in the treatment planning by the specialist. 

Concerns Related To Mobility of The Braces:

It is already informed to the patient that immediately after the completion of the treatment of braces the candidate may feel very mild movement in the teeth that may be even negligible. On the other hand mild movements are also observed in the beginning of the treatment but they are very less likely felt because of the pain in the initial stage of the treatment. Most of the patients ask “how long will my teeth feel loose after braces”? and we inform them that the mobility will be very light and would only last for a few days. 

Factors That Can Ruin The Teeth Enamel After Braces Removal:

 There are certain factors that if left ignored can give rise to enamel damage from braces removal like: 

  • Avoid eating excessively hard and chewy food.
  • Use a mild teeth brush.
  • Be gentle while brushing and do not use vigorous actions.
  • Try to maintain the oral hygiene of the mouth.
  • Take regular scaling session to prevent plaque retention.

What Is The Cost of Dental Braces?

Based on the complexity and technicalities of the  treatment the prices are fairly high for braces.  However, our dynamic clinic offers 5,000 AED for one jaw  and 9,500 AED for both the jaws, which is the most affordable teeth braces cost in Dubai. 


A lot of people believe in the myth that braces disrupt the  strength and integrity of the teeth but only a few know that enamel damage from braces removal is completely under the domain of the candidate’s compliance to after care.