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Brow Lift Surgery – Get Rid of Wrinkles, Folds Around the Eyes

If age and gravity have affected your brow to make you appear serious, furious, or tired, you should try a brow lift. A medical brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that translocates your eyebrows to fix wrinkles, frown lines, and drooping. The creases may resurface with age, but they will never be as deep or broad before the procedure. There are different methods available for Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai. Read the article to learn more.

What exactly is a brow lift (or forehead lift)?

With the passage of time and gravity, wrinkles may form all over your face, especially your brow/forehead. You may have “frown lines” between your brows that make you cringe severely or furious, the top of your brow might sag, making you appear melancholy, and you may appear tired due to sagging brows and lids. A brow lift surgery in Dubai may be best for you if you want to seem younger, happier, and more awake.

A surgical brow lift, also called a forehead lift, brow renewal, browplasty, or temporal lift, is a cosmetic operation. The process fixes:

  • Creases on the brow. It includes the horizontal lines over your brow and the arch of the nose.
  • Make a frown line across your brows.
  • Drooping brows. Your brows will seem younger.

Different Methods for Brow Lift:

The cosmetic surgeon begins by carefully examining the patient’s face, identifying areas where density has been reduced, and gravitation has produced pulling or drooping. The forehead lift technique restores lost density and softly pushes particular regions to give the patient a younger appearance.

A Brow Lift, Either Classic or Coronal:

Once the client is sedated, the surgeon creates a cut and extends across the head front to the other side. The surgeon may choose to incision along the hairline in different circumstances. Next, the surgeon delicately raises the tissue of the brow, removing any extra tissue and fat and realigning the muscles as needed. The brows may be raised higher by the surgeon. Excess skin is removed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift:

This less invasive surgery takes place in the surgery room and includes tiny incisions concealed inside the hair. The brow tissue is gradually released and elevated using fiber-optic technology. Bruising is low in most patients, and healing time is often shorter than traditional techniques.

Temporal Lift: 

It is a less invasive surgery that your facial plastic surgeon can conduct in the office under local anesthetic. It is a scaled-down version of the noninvasive laser brow lift, and it can give good results with little downtime.

How is the Process Carried Out?

The surgeon will cut the skin around your hairline or hair. They will manipulate tissues and eliminate muscle and skin segments that generate creases or severe frown wrinkles. We will use stitches or staples to seal the incisions. You’ll be encased in sterile foam and stitches when you awaken.

What Should I Expect Following Surgery?

Bruising and edema around the eyes will result in forehead surgery. Even if you did not get sedation, you would require a driver to transport you home following the treatment. During the first 48 hours, keep your head up and use cold compresses as much as possible. The severity of your discomfort will vary, but you will almost certainly be given a prescription pain relief. You can start walking right after, but no high-impact aerobic activities or hard pushing for a minimum a week.

You can return to prolonged sitting for as little as three days, although there will be noticeable bruising for another two to three weeks. May apply Makeup to any regions that don’t have stitches. Hair Styling products should be avoided till the stitches or staples have indeed been extracted. Following that, you may arrange your hair as needed to conceal the incisions. The wounds will be reddish for around three months before progressively fading as the scar grows. Hair loss near the incision may develop and persist for up to 6 months. The cut must become practically undetectable when the hair regrows.

Brow Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai:

A brow lift or forehead rhytidectomy is frequently done to enhance your look rather than cure a medical condition. As a result, it is rarely covered by insurance. In Dubai, a minimal brow lift surgery cost AED 9,000. In certain situations, the brow sags to the point that it hampers vision. If your ophthalmologist certifies that the brow lift is medically required, it may be reimbursed by insurance.

Brow Lift: Why Choose Dynamic Clinic? 

The Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai needs follow-up care to monitor healing. If something out of the ordinary occurs, call the surgeon right away. Patients must keep their scheduled follow-up sessions with the surgeon. You don’t have to live with a thick brow anymore. The cosmetic surgeons at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai are here to make you seem younger and more refreshed! To make an appointment, please call +971 561772998. We hope to meet with you for a consultation to go through all of your choices.