When you look in the mirror, does your face convey the right message about your emotions? The eyes and brow are important in transmitting our feelings. If a drooping, heavy brow makes you appear fatigued or dissatisfied. This cosmetic surgery may provide a long-term cure. It is a cosmetic procedure that repositions your temples. It helps you appear youthful by reducing creases. If time and gravity have altered your brow to make you appear significant. Do you want to get a brow lift? But you are afraid of the procedure. And thinking about how long the recovery time is for Forehead or Brow Lift Surgery in Dubai. Learn everything there is to know about the procedure by reading on.


It is a cosmetic procedure that is convenient. That repositions your temple to raise your brow. It minimizes wrinkles and gives you a fresh appearance. Your skin loses suppleness as you age. The cumulative effect of UV exposure weakens the skin. And gravity pulls your brow down, causing creases. You may have “frown lines” between your brows on your temples. That makes you appear serious or disturbed. Underside, your forehead may appear and slump. By giving you the appearance of being unhappy or exhausted. If you wish to change these aging signs in your body, an eyebrow lift may be the best option for you.

Ideal Candidates:

The ideal candidates for brow lifts may differ depending on the procedure. Patients who may enjoy effective outcomes. If they lie in the following categories: 

  • Individuals who are healthy but have sagging brows.
  • People who loathe the way their droopy brows make them look older, angry, or sad.
  • Individuals who have deep horizontal forehead creases.
  • Patients with severe furrows and frown lines between their brows.
  • Men and women have excess skin and tissue hanging over their eyes.
  • Balding men whose hairline has replaced.
  • Candidates for chemical brow lifts should have decent skin quality.

Kinds of Procedures:

We provide a wide range of operations performed by our skilled doctors. The procedure is as follows:


This procedure helps lower the hairline. It prevents the establishment of a high forehead. The procedure includes removing a part of the skin on the forehead. By making a cut behind the hairline, allowing the hair to grow back over the cut mark. The procedure elevates sagging brows and lowers the prominent forehead. This leads to a more peaceful, relaxed, and youthful appearance.


This approach is contemporary and invasive. The method assembles several tiny cuts in the gaps between them. This procedure promotes rapid healing and requires little downtime after completion. The practitioner positions an endoscope attached to a camera. Through the cuts in the following fashion. The camera helps direct the practitioner and allows for accurate therapy. The procedure smoothes the forehead while removing wrinkles around the eyes and brows.


This method is also known as an open brow lift. A single cut from ear to ear above the forehead. The procedure is completely invasive because it involves a huge cut.


This procedure only works on the outer part of the brows, or the sides of the temporal, rather than the entire brow. This procedure removes droopy eyelids, making the eyes appear more attentive and vibrant.


This is a variation of the temporal procedure. In this process, the practitioner cuts the upper eyelids. And then elevates the brow to create an arc effect. Because this is a less invasive approach, the recovery period will be brief.


Brow lift surgery in Dubai is an outpatient treatment. It works under anesthesia. The length of the operation relies on the selection of the procedure. And whether another procedure is being performed. Sutures or staples are used to close your incisions. Which are usually removed approximately a week after surgery. Patients usually feel minor pain after the process. But it is customary to feel mild discomfort and stiffness throughout the forehead. Swelling and bruises are most prevalent in the first 10 days after the process. It usually goes away after around 2 weeks.

Recovery and Aftercare:

For quick healing. And effective results. Applicants need to follow the instructions:

  • Consume arnica and vitamin C to help reduce bruising and speed up healing.
  • Get someone to drive you home and abstain from driving after the process.
  • Swelling, bruising, and stitches or staples near or in the hairline.
  • To prevent infection, take any prescription medicines.
  • To reduce the chances of bruising and puffiness. Avoid using NSAIDs.
  • Tell your doctor about any unexpected fevers, rashes, or blemishes.
  • Keep all follow-up appointments


As you become older, your brow begins to sag, making you look older and fatigued. But, after undergoing brow lift therapy, the candidate will experience fascinating benefits.

  • Tightens sagging skin.
  • The procedure has no adverse effects
  • A more relaxed appearance.
  • It helps to tighten the skin.
  • The eyes appear brighter.
  • There are no more wrinkles.
  • Deep ridges become smooth out.


The Cost of Forehead Lift Surgery in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 3,000 to AED 10,000. But, the cost will range because of other factors. Such as the type of therapy. Because each process has a different cost. The type of anesthesia used. The clinic’s location and reputation, and some extra fees.

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