Broken Nose Surgery Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As a result of an injury which may be due to a major accident or mishap, you may get to have a body organ damaged such as the nose which requires a broken nose surgery with Rhinoplasty. In simple words, a broken nose is a fracture or breakage of the nasal bone due to an injury. Usually, when you get a strong blow on the nose there are some symptoms which indicate that the nose is broken such as:

Benefits of Nose Repairing Treatment:

  • Increased pain when upon touching the nose
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Swelling and redness transforming into bruising of the nose and possibly the eyes (black eye)
  • Crooked appearance of the nose
  • Difficulty in breathing through nose
  • Blocked nasal passages feeling


The symptoms may be immediately noticeable or they may take a few days to become apparent. However, you require a broken nose surgery when you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Immediate treatment should include using ice or ice packs over the nose to reduce swelling and bleeding. For the long term treatment, Rhinoplasty also called ‘nose job’ provides a permanent solution for the injured nose.

Why is it Important?

Like most other injuries, a broken nose may also heal by itself. Listed below are some reasons to make people understand by broken nose surgery is important.

  • The nose lies in the very center of your face, which includes the whole bunch of tiny bones, along with cartilage, facial skin and nasal lining. All of these can get easily messed up when the nose gets broken.
  • Rhinoplasty or broken nose surgery does not only fix the crooked nose shape those who suffer from allergies or sinus problems, it is a very good solution.
  • The procedure can be different in each case and chiefly depends on the degree and placement of the damage. It can be as simple as readjusting the septum, and may be a full-scale job.