Breast Lift - How The Surgery Goes

Breast lift – A wonderful approach to a Perfect Pair of Boobs:

Breast lift is a wonderful cosmetic procedure that is intended to improve the appearance of sagging breasts. To make the boobs look attractive, a plastic surgeon may make incisions in the chest and modify the breasts’ skin. It is a popular treatment because women today are more beauty conscious. Rarely, breast lift leads to scarring so I can assure you that it won’t be the wrong decision of paying a huge amount of money for it. Breast lift is commonly performed with other breast procedures to provide more impressive results to the patients. But you should know that the surgeon has to be experienced and qualified to perform the procedure safely and precisely.

How to decide if you need a breast lift:

Some people are bothered by their breasts becoming sagging, loosing skin tightness with age. Others have never had the desired appearance of their breast and are bothered by the bosoms that look hanging and drooping. No matter what the reason why you are not satisfied with your breast’s appearance, the goal of breast lift surgery is to add lift to the boobs. But as it is a surgical option so you can expect to have a long downtime after it.

How do you prepare for the surgery?

Initially, you will be called at the clinic to have an initial consultation with the surgeon who will do your surgery. He will analyze your medical history, current medications, infections, and allergies to decide whether or not to perform your surgery. He will also examine the extent of sagging to determine the right treatment option. It is very important that you inform the surgeon about what you are expecting from this surgery i-e what changes you want to obtain. Sometimes, patients are also asked to get a baseline mammogram done to help the doctors understand gradual changes in the patient’s breast tissues.

How the surgery is done?

You should know that a breast lift does not have any effect on the size of the bosoms as it only addresses the sagging. To change the size or shape, the surgeon will have performed it with breast augmentation or breast reduction. Breast lift is highly invasive so local or general anesthesia is required to ensure the health and safety of a woman’s breasts. Usually, patients can return home the same day but in cases, patients are asked to have an overnight stay at the clinic. During the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision at an appropriate location, either around the areola or along the lower boundary of the breasts to make changes inside them. Excess skin will be removed from the boobs to deliver lifting effect to them. To perform this surgery successfully, an experienced and well-trained team of surgeons is required. Visit Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, our surgeons have performed hundreds of breasts lifts surgeries so I can assure you that you won’t obtain botched results here.

Who is the perfect candidate for this surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for a breast lift if your breasts have become sagging due to aging or if you never have had stiffed and erected breasts. You are also right for this treatment if your breasts are not symmetrical. Because breast lift is complex, major surgery, patients should be in good health and free from serious health conditions to obtain ideal results.

If you are a healthy person and have the ability to make difficult personal decisions, get ready to restore your youthful and erected breasts.

Are there risks involved?

As with other cosmetic surgeries, Breast lift has some risks as well. After the surgery, there is always a risk of infection, permanent scarring, severe bruising, and intolerable pain. Besides, asymmetry is the risk with all the breast surgeries including breast augmentation, breast reduction, and nipple correction, etc. Generally, asymmetry occurs due to the lack of skills of the surgeon so it is always recommended to find an expert surgeon for the surgery. Furthermore, botched results can also appear due to swelling, scarring, and trauma. Although, you can also expect to experience loss of sensation in your breasts for some days as it can occur with any breast surgery.

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation:

As mentioned earlier breast lift is not a surgery intended to augment the breast size so, if you are looking for a treatment to make your breasts look bigger, you must choose breast augmentation rather than a breast lift. The size of boobs can be increased either through fat injections or implants. This might be the most difficult decision to choose the correct one. However, you can contact an expert surgeon for a consultation to make better decisions.

Cost of Breast Lift:

The cost of breast lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, varies from patient to patient with respect to the location of the clinic, the expertise of the surgeon, and the patient’s expectations. This aspect will be thoroughly discussed in the initial appointment day.

Why choose us?

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the highest quality services and outstanding clinical care to clients. Our surgeons, licensed anesthesiologists, and support staff perform the surgeries in a friendly atmosphere, in conjunction with advanced technologies and generous hospitality. So, if you are interested in having breast lift Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Dhabi, you can visit us anytime. We will provide you with further details on request. Book an appointment with us by filling the online consultation form or contacting us through the phone.