Breast Augmentation – Evolution Over the Years and Safest Technique Today

An outstanding way to enlarge breasts:

Small-sized breasts can be enhanced by breast augmentation surgery in Dubai. You can have implants inserted in your bosoms or can opt for brava breast augmentation with fat transfer to improve the appearance of your boobs. Perfectly shaped big breasts are considered as a symbol of femininity, attractiveness, and beauty. Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure performed by plastic surgeons nowadays as now women are more concerned about their look and beauty. The first idea of increasing breast size with implants was introduced over many years ago and today, after a lot of research in this field, the safest and natural implants have been introduced.

Breast implants:

Before silicone and saline implants were developed, doctors performed many ill-fated experiments to increase the size of woman’s breasts. They used glass balls, oils, polyvinyl alcohol sponge, fabrics, rubber, and other materials but nothing produced the desired outcome.

The introduction to silicone and saline implants:

Dr. Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow are credited as the first to successfully increase the breast size with silicone implants. They performed the surgery on women with age 80 and the results were brilliant. After a few months of the experiment, the FDA approved the treatment as no serious complications had been reported by the prospect. The only complication that she had to experience was the rupture of the implant and it happened after many years. When this occurred, food and drug administration limited the use of saline implants to only reconstructive purposes. Due to this, analysts and scientists continued their research and in 1995 introduced saline-filled implants. Many significant modifications were made to make them safer and long-lasting and finally after a lot of developments they were fully approved by the FDA in 2006.

Other things you need to know:

It is important to note that even saline implants are not permanent, at some stage of life they fail. Researchers are working on them to improve safety and longevity. Not only in implants types, but there have also been outstanding breakouts in practices. Today, surgeons have a lot of options to insert implants in the breasts. For many decades, surgeons placed implants only above the muscles beneath the glands but now with developments and innovations, it is possible to insert them at different locations in the chest to obtain better results. The type and location of the implant are chosen by the surgeon depending upon individual preferences, patient’s goals, and anatomy.

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