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Are you sweating excessively?

So, summer is almost here, which means, sweating. We all know the feeling. No one likes to have sweat patches, especially on underarms. Despite damping sweaty makeup face after every single minute, armpit sweating is more embarrassing.

You may not be known that one of popular wrinkle-smoothing treatment act as sweat-stopper. Here is how Botox Underarm Dubai works. Continue ahead.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Botox:

Excessive sweating means high body temperature. This condition is typically known as Hyperhidrosis, can be a result of overactive sweat glands. Effectively, Botox in Dubai treats such glands by inhibiting acetylcholine. This way, the chemical pathway to the underarms is potentially blocked which leads to sweat-free armpits.

While the procedure to treat sweaty underarms with Botox doesn’t much differ from cosmetic one. Once underarms are numbed with the anesthetic cream, the injection process begins. It only takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Mild pain and redness are common, which usually fades off within a few hours.

How is the Result?

Botox for excessive sweating doesn’t have an immediate effect. Its actual results are noticed after one week of treatment. Typically they last for six to eight months.

Note that, results vary for each individual. The outcome estimate mentioned above is noted in most patients. You can consider this standard, not certain for you.

How Often You Need to Repeat the Treatment?

Botulinum toxin will not cure hyperhidrosis. It only helps in controlling. Symptoms of returned sweating are usually noticed within a few months. Follow-up sessions are essential to maintain dryness. Openly speaking, there is no specific period to repeat the injections unless you are advised specific figures. As soon as you notice sweating returns, get another session.

How Much Underarm Botox Cost?

Botox underarm Dubai is sincerely effective in challenging uncontrollable sweating. On average, you are expected to pay $350 OR AED 1200 as the cost for hyperhidrosis treatment. Note that, these are initial charges. Based upon the sweating level, the number of sessions, and the expertise of the practitioner, a unique cost estimate would be provided to you.


Although the Botox procedure is simple and straightforward. Still, it’s important to have the right level of intervention. It means your treatment must be carried out by a qualified practitioner. Also, you need to become fit as per eligibility criteria. Here are some precautions you must keep in mind before deciding on treating excessive sweating with Botox.

  • Attend consultation with morality
  • Be an adult of 20 years or above.
  • Ensure good physical and mental health


The leading benefit of Hyperhidrosis treatment in Dubai is improved quality of life. Sweat-free glands can let greet and shake hands without feeling ashamed. You Improved confidence level would permit you to wear any light color of your own choice.

The Takeaway:

People today are most concerned about their beauty. Every next person goes under the needle to turn back the clock. Thousands of people opt for Botox every year and enjoy wrinkle-free skin even in their 60s. In fact, this injectable is also medically approved as a sweating treatment. You can get this in your underarms after some guidance from our experts.

Besides, this blog clarified how Botox Underarm Dubai works. Still, for further information, queries, and consultations contact us. Reach through consultation form or contact directly at +971 4841177.