Botox Treatment For Thin Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Strong, thick, and shiny hair has been appraising as a basic need of human personality more than any fashion trend. But having damaged, frizzy, and weak hair is also not surprising. It can be due to the usage of excessive heating products and yes some environmental factors are also responsible for it. A long list of procedures are introduced for this purpose and of course, it makes the choice quite tough. Fortunately, we’re going to let you know about the most mind-blowing technique for improving the texture of thin hair in less than one hour.

Botox Treatment for thin hair in Dubai is an excellent decision for challenging the damaged, dull, and frizzy hair. You all might be wondering that how can Botox handle thin hair? As the majority holds the concept of Botox as an anti-aging procedure. But have you ever thought that hair also gets weak as we age? Though it’s just the same theory behind it, people just need to aware of it.

Just like our skin, the hair also surrenders to the aging process. But most thankfully, due to Hair Botox Treatment, enhancing the hair strength isn’t a problem anymore.

Please continue reading to explore its unseen realities.

What exactly is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox is considered a dominant technique to grasp smooth, shiny, and thick hair. It’s a deep conditioning treatment to coat the thin areas of hair and make them appear fuller, healthier, and lustrous. Also, it fights against the frizz of hair to provide its straightened look.

Unlike the ordinary Botox, it doesn’t involve the usage of Botulinum toxin, only some fillers, and moisturizing chemicals are united to bring back shiny and healthy hair.

In case you’re living in Dubai and considering getting the Botox treatment, meet our professional doctors at Dynamic clinic to get this conduct at reasonable rates. Moreover, you can attain this procedure without any fear as it doesn’t demand any medical criteria or further standards.

How does Hair Botox Work? Does it Involve Injection?

After hearing of Botox, everyone thinks this treatment just like injections but in actual it’s nothing more than a myth. The entire process of Hair Botox is comprised of a smooth conditioning technique that can be done sitting comfortably with no maximum instructions or further downtime.

Most initially, the hair is being washed by the doctor and then hair Botox is applied gently on it by massaging from the root to tips. Afterward, the applied product is left for a maximum of one hour or maybe more than this. However, the decision is completely reliant upon the doctor’s advice.

Botox treatment for thin hair in Dubai works by nourishing the hair with 100% natural constituents including, vitamins, proteins, and essential oils. This conduct also helps in repairing the broken parts of hair by improving the texture to make them appear stronger, denser, and fuller.

Conversely, if you’re suffering from excessive sweats in the scalp then you might be needing to get Botox injections in the scalp. Otherwise, it’s not required.

Which is better Keratin or Botox?

The majority of beauty experts consider Botox and Keratin similar. But in actuality, there is plenty of differences everyone must be aware of. When we compare Botox with keratin, both techniques involve the applying of a specific solution to the hair for its straightening but the difference is only in its ingredients.

Keratin treatment is comprised of amino acids and formaldehyde which is found quite effective for challenging frizzy hair but it may harm your hair as reactions seen after three to four months. On the other hand, when it comes to Botox, it doesn’t involve the usage of any utmost chemicals to treat the damaged hair, so we can consider this approach much better than keratin.

However, the decision is entirely dependent upon the concerned person and his demands.

How Long will I have to Wait to See the Results? Are they Permanent?

While getting Botox in Dubai, there is no need to wait for long to see the results. Immediately, after drying of hair you will notice a great difference in your hair which can last for several months. With two to four treatments per year, you can preserve the fallouts for the long-term. Although, for permanent consequences, aftercare matters a lot.

In Conclusion:

If you’re bearing dull, damaged, thin hair and want to overcome hair loss without any surgical technique. Botox Treatment for thin hair in Dubai will surely help you. It’s just a short-term painless solution for getting back the lost health of the scalp. Though, consider this effective approach from expert doctors at Dynamic clinic of Dubai. I assure you it won’t be the wrong decision.