Botox Procedures

Botox, a drug produced by Clostridium Botulinum, is very effective when used in small diluted concentration. Botox procedure is minimally invasive and delivers ideal results to most patients. The shots are primarily used to treat wrinkles and fine wrinkles but many studies showed that it has many other applications as well e.g. conditions such as depression, hyperhidrosis, overactive bladder, migraines, and crossed eyes can be controlled wonderfully with Botox.

How does Botox work?

The treatment is relatively safe when operated by an experienced practitioner. The shots are injected directly into the muscle to stop its movement. It does this by obstructing chemical signals from the nervous system to reach the muscle. In simple words, we can say, Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscle to reduce abnormal contraction of the muscle.

Preparing for Botox Appointment:

We strongly advise you to not undergo Botox procedure while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In the initial consultation session, show the doctor your medical records to let him anticipate what health issues you may be at risk for in the future. And, stop taking blood thinners and other medications several days before the treatment as they can slow down the healing and recovery.

What to expect at the appointment:

Botox procedure Dubai & Abu Dhabi takes 40-45 minutes to complete. The doctor may apply local anesthesia in the area of treatment to reduce the pain. After that, with the help of a micro-needle, a tiny amount of Botox is injected into the affected muscle to stop the muscle movement. The number of shots required depends upon the condition being treated and the extent of the affected area. In a recent survey, it was found that the patients who underwent Botox treatment reported a little pain and discomfort during the therapy which is a very good thing.

Please remember that you should get Botox injections from a well-skilled doctor because the treatment can be very dangerous if not done correctly.

Dos and don’ts after Botox:

Follow these instructions after your Botox session to recover quickly and easily.

  • For at least 7-10 days, do not rub, massage or unnecessarily touch the area that was treated
  • Do not perform any strenuous activity for several days after the treatment
  • Do not smoke. And also avoid consuming alcohol for 2-3 weeks following the Botox appointment
  • Don’t take blood thinners for 72 hours after the treatment
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat soft foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. for a few weeks to minimize the risk of complications

Price is not fixed:

There is a difference in the pricing of Botox treatment for each individual. The cost varies depending upon the area that needs treatment, the severity of the problem, patient needs, duration of results, and a number of injections. Find out the exact cost of the treatment in the initial consultation session with our expert.

Is Botox a Permanent Solution?

While the results are really appreciable, you can expect them to last for only three to four months. After this, you need to get Botox shots again to preserve the effects for a few more months. Also, remember that the final outcome is not instant you will see it after 4-7 days of the injection.


Wrapping up!

If you are looking for a well-reputed clinic for getting Botox then visit Dynamic clinic. I promise our team will provide you ideal results so book your appointment now.