Botox Lip Flip Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE

Do you know the definition of an ideal lip? It is plumped pouty lips with classical pink in color and smooth without cracks. If you think that you lack appealing lips then here’s good news for you. We at Dynamic Clinic now have Botox treatment Dubai  that are completely and exclusively designed to create and transform smaller lips into huge beautiful ones.

Here are some details about everything you should know before taking a Botox treatment.

What is a Botox treatment? 

Botox is an injection that consists of Botulinum toxin. It is injected into the various parts of the body for different reasons; the most common and highly raging use of Botox treatment  involves improving facial appearances, especially the lips. 

How Does Botox work?

 The mechanism and mode of action of the Botox is a very complex and challenging one.  It is injected within the cells then it triggers a series of reactions. It prevents the nerve signals from reaching through the muscles that are responsible for twitching and spasms.  This property of Botox is used for aesthetic  purposes like wrinkles, fine lines etc.

The Use of Botox in Lip Flip:

A Botox Lip Flip can instantly give you fuller looking lips without needing to go let you undergo any surgery. .

As the name indicates the Botox causes the top lip to flip outwards and it shows a different kind of enhancement and volume. This eventually decreases the appearance of gums and makes the lip fuller and thick. You will be amazed to know that we are running the best Botox in Dubai and our candidates have successfully gone home with fuller lips happily.

How is the procedure of Botox lip flip done? 

An ideal and desirable Botox lip flip is done by high  experts who have sound knowledge about each and every facial muscle. here’s how the procedure is done: 

Facial Examination:

 The aesthetician will analyze and map the areas that require Botox. If the main concern are the lips then he or she will mark the target areas that will require extra flip or more thickness.  

The Main Treatment:

 The esthetician will inject a smaller amount of injections on the upper lip targeting into the orbicularis muscle .  This muscle is supposed to surround your complete mouth. It is the main muscle that is also responsible in creating fine lines as a person ages therefore injecting Botox in this muscle eventually fades the wrinkles also as well as adds the volume to the upper lip. 

What to Expect after the Treatment of Botox Lip Flip?

  • Plummer and pouty lips
  • flipped out appearance of the top lip 
  • better contour of the lips
  • your lips will look crack free  without any chapped lines 

The Results:

It normally takes one week to take for the entire treatment to show its actual results. However once the results appear you will feel more natural and the initial tightening that is observed in the first week will gradually disappear. You might feel a slight discomfort initially when the treatment is done but there is nothing to worry about because after a few days the discomfort will disappear and the lips will start to look the way you wanted. 

How often should you take a Botox Lip Flip?

 Your Esthetician can best tell you the number of visits you need to do in order to get the desired results. However you can see the results in the next three to four months and the maintenance will be done thoroughly. We are running the best Botox clinic Dubai as most of our candidates have  loved our treatment and the way their lips have been transformed .

What is the Treatment Cost of Botox Lip Flip?

Botox in Dubai Cost 1ml for 1,200 AED. It depends from case to case and according to the demand of the person. The best way to know the actual treatment cost of the Botox is to book an appointment with the aesthetician and then he or she can tell you the accurate treatment based on the complexity and type.

What are the pros and cons of Botox Lip Flip?


  • Well defined and contour lips
  • A better confidence and enhanced self esteem
  • Attractive and eye catching facial profile
  • A new and transformed smile


  • The treatment may go in failure if it is not done by a professional expert
  • Mild to moderate allergy in case of sensitive patients.

The Final Verdict

 There is no harm in investing in your facial appearance as everyone deserves to look good and feel good. The Botox treatment is introduced for the well being and grooming of a person.  We are providing the Best Botox in Dubai and would love to cater you too.

Why Choose Us? 

We offer discounts and packages all over the year and so we want our candidates to benefit from these offers before they end.  Our clinic’s safe, neat ,  and tidy environment is the major factor that attracts other candidates. Apart from that our highly esteemed staff and estheticians make our clinic the best in town. All of them collectively strive to serve our candidates better and that makes them very loyal to us too.