Botox Injection in Dubai

For a child to fully experience life, good health is essential. A healthy lifestyle would lengthen life and aid in body and mental healing. Your child’s health is the basis of all growth and development. Of course, your child’s health is more than simply their physical growth. 

The cognitive (learning and thinking) development, social and emotional growth, and mental health of your kid are additional crucial facets of their well-being. Your child cannot retain his mental health if he is physically ill. If you are child is going through cerebral palsy it is the right time for you to take a good decision for his health and consult with our experts for Botox Injection in Dubai

What Is Botox Injection?

The brand name for an injectable medicine called Botox is botulinum toxin A, which is manufactured from an extremely poisonous chemical produced by bacteria. This strong neurotoxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is fatal and extremely poisonous when consumed. However, it is injected into the body to cure people of their illnesses in order to treat various ailments.

It is possible to purify this toxin and employ it in a secure and efficient manner to lessen stiffness in particular muscle areas. Botox functions by obstructing the chemical communication that nerves and muscles exchange in order to contract or tighten the muscle. Pain and muscle stiffness caused by spasticity are effectively relieved by this. For more than 25 years, it has been used safely in tens of thousands of patients.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

A series of conditions known as cerebral palsy (CP) have an impact on a person’s mobility, balance, and posture. Cerebral palsy is the most prevalent motor disability in children. Anything referred described as the cerebral involves the brain. Muscle weakness or functioning problems are referred to as palsy.

What Causes This Problem?

Cerebral palsy is typically caused by a disorder that affects a baby’s growing brain while they are still in the womb. These include: Damage to the white matter, a region of the brain that may have been impacted by reduced blood or oxygen supply, which is referred to as “periventricular leukomalacia” (PVL)

Botox Injection For Cerebral Palsy:

There are several legitimate uses for Botox Injections For Cerebral Palsy that are related to how muscles function. This medicine is particularly helpful for adults with neck dystonia, which is characterized by recurrent, abnormal muscular movements that can be uncomfortable or incapacitating.

When nerves are stimulated, a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine is produced, but Botox stops it from happening. It is therefore perfect for lowering the high muscle tone caused by cerebral palsy.

The underlying cause of cerebral palsy is an injury to the developing brain before, during, or soon after birth. As a result of such injury, messages between the brain and muscles are disrupted.

The muscles tighten in an effort to defend oneself. However, because the brain’s messages cannot get to the stiffened muscles, they stay that way for a long time. The medical name for these uncontrolled muscular spasms is spasticity. One of the most effective methods to do this is by injecting Botox into the muscles.

What Advantages Does Botox Offer?

The treatment has a number of benefits, such as:

  • significantly improved gait pattern
  • improvement in positioning and mobility range.
  • decreased pain in strained muscles.
  • stretchability and spasticity reduction
  • higher tolerance for braces
  • The procedure could be put off till the patient is older.
  • improved freedom in doing ADLs with the upper extremities

How Is The Process Going?

The method of Botox Injection For Cerebral Palsy is not very tricky. It is very simple. 

  • The specialist talks with the patient to determine the right drug dose and number of sessions before undertaking diagnostic tests.
  • Almost no time is required.
  • To prevent bacterial infections, the initial doctor will clean the region with an antiseptic.
  • He then adds some vitamins to the mixture.
  • Finally, he uses a syringe to inject the substance into the region you’ve selected.
  • The use of anesthesia is necessary to calm kids.
  • Between 30 and 40 minutes are spent on the complete process.
  • After leaving the clinic, you must properly care for your child before putting him in various activities.

Final Verdict!

Botox Injection For Cerebral Palsy is an effective procedure with long-lasting results when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Making an appointment for a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the most efficient approach to learning more. Make sure you conduct thorough research before scheduling the operation as there are several well-known clinics in Dubai that provide this technique!