Botox Brow Lift for Hooded Eyes

Before we get into the Botox Browlift for hooded eyes let’s understand first why it occurs and how.

It’s the type of condition faced usually when you have excessive skin folding between the brows and lashes. The majority of the people are born with such hitch and some experience this due to aging and further hormonal disorders. It’s an unwanted situation for most of the people as it can make the eyes appear smaller. For a very long time, people have been using several makeup techniques to get off this concern but still, the majority is in search of an appropriate one. Everyone desires to catch the long-lasting permanent upshots because wearing makeup is the temporary one.

This article will be beneficial for those individuals who suffer from hoody eyes as our experts are offering the safest Botox Brow Lift for Hooded Eyes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Its long-lasting cure to such hitches of eyes, please read further to explore its hidden realities you always wanted to know!

About Botox:

Botox is most commonly known for the relaxation of muscles effectively no matter on which facial area you face dissatisfaction. It also works specifically for the lifting of eyebrows to treat the hooded eyes. This is because brow drooping typically results in such conditions of eyes.


Who should get Botox Browlift?

The aged ones usually demand brow lift because as we get old, fatty tissue under the brows shrinks which results in hooded eyes. Additionally, the ones who are tired of the smaller appearance of eyes due to droopy brows can experience this procedure. As it’s based on the injection process anyone can undergo this without any further doubt or query.

But still, it’s better to have an initial detailed discussion with our experts at Dynamic so they can determine whether you’re applicable for this therapy or not. Thus, the women who’re pregnant or on breastfeeding should avoid getting this therapy.


Botox Brow Lift for Hooded Eyes in Dubai:

It is an outpatient procedure performed by injecting a specific amount of Botox solution on the lower side of forehead that disables the depressing muscles which are responsible for brow dropping. It’s the short-term systematic procedure that can usually last for a maximum of 6 months as the brow tends to drop again once the filler effect goes away.

Patients will start seeing the results immediately after Botox Brow Lift for Hooded eyes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi however complete upshots require some time. Raising of brows for just a few millimeters appears in more open and bigger eyes that looks attractive than your previous eyes form.

For the patients who face extra loose or droopy skin don’t get enough upshots with Botox. As it’s an injectable procedure that cannot reduce the saggy skin. Doctors mostly advise surgical practices for such concerns as it’s the long-term better decision and has benefitted greatly in enhancing process.


Is it Effective?

Patients who get the Botox brow lift are always interested in knowing its upshots whether it works for hooded eyes or not. However, many individuals have reported a positive response they acquire from this procedure so it’s found to be quite effective.

Conversely, when people get the treatment from an inexperienced practitioner they won’t catch the satisfactory results obviously, because of the lack of knowledge in contrast with an experienced one. So they come to a lame belief about the ineffectiveness of Botox injections which is the biggest misconception regarding this brow lift.


Complications of Botox Brow Lift:

Botox is the safest treatment for most of the people but there is a risk of some side effects too however serious ones are rare. You might notices swelling, redness and bruising on the injected site which usually goes off within a week.

You should inform your doctor if you face one of these uncommon risks right after the treatment:

  1. Droopy brows right after the treatment
  2. Breathing difficulties
  3. Severe pains


Botox Browlift for hooded eyes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the modern non-surgical solution for Hooded eyes. No matter younger or aged, it’s is the best option for every single individual with no maximum risks. You can enjoy the benefits of bigger and more defined eyes at reasonable rates without following any maximum recovery guidelines. Visit the best doctors at Dynamic Clinic for a more approachable appearance in consideration of your aesthetic goals!