Body Hair Transplant Success Rate in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Hair transplant continues to dominate the beauty industry as the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery. In fact, more than 40,000 hair transplant surgeries have been performed in the last few decades. But why this is so much popular? To get your question answered, read ahead.

One of the reasons why hair transplants have been so popular today is that several different types of tools and techniques have been developed to help hair loss sufferers regrow their lost hair. However, it is worth pointing out that Body Hair Transplant is the most advanced technique.

In this article, you can find answers to various questions including what is the Body Hair Transplant Success Rate in Dubai? How soon can you see the final results? How can you improve the results?

What is a Body Hair Transplant?

When patients don’t have adequate hair on the scalp, then they have to opt for BHT. This procedure involves extracting hairs from the chest, legs, arms, back, or beard to replant them in the scalp. Note that, hair in these regions is not similar to the scalp’s hair in structure and texture.

However, before undergoing BHT, it’s important to consult with the surgeon. He will examine the density, texture, and color of body hair to determine the success rate of the operation.

What to Expect?

Most technicians avoid extracting hair from other parts of the body than the head. The reason is that it is more difficult eradicating healthy hair from the body. In addition, there is no guarantee that the grafts are kept safe, and healthy in this type of extraction.

Success Rate:

Success in terms of customer satisfaction may vary from provider to provider. The main factors that influence the success rate depend on the practitioner’s skills, experience, and qualifications. In general, reputed doctors deliver success rates of approximately 90 -95 percent. This is best achieved when the doctor designs special treatment plans and recovery strategies based on the patient’s particular needs.

How Can You Improve The Results?

Hair treatments like Cytokine Rich Plasma, laser therapy, and PRP can stimulate hair growth and enhance recovery. For more details, please contact.

How Much Does BHT Cost?

BHT is generally more expensive than a conventional hair transplant. Hair Transplant Costs vary according to the geographical location of the clinic, and the area of the scalp you want to cover, but the average is around AED 6,000 to AED 12,000 per session. Find the exact cost of BHT at the initial consultation

Is This Worth It?

Frankly speaking, this treatment is not worth the investment. Why? Firstly, the transplanted body hair will not look like scalp hair; less coarse, pretty curly, and thinner. The long and short of it, even if the doctor puts a lot of effort to make it a successful Hair Transplant, the results will be unnatural and odd. Secondly, donor areas are not sufficient. For example, to cover the hairline, it will need approximately 2200+ hair grafts. The chest area and arms combined consist of nearly 1200, which is of course not enough. Lastly, as explained earlier, body hair is much harder to extract, and insert.

Based on the points discussed above, we suggest you avoid a body hair transplant!

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