Can Hair Be Transplanted From the Body to the Scalp In Dubai

If you’re losing hair because of a medical or hereditary problem. A full head of hair plays a vital role in your appearance. After hair loss, you must be searching for the best treatment to fix the issue. You may have thought about getting a hair transplant. Because the procedure help to restore growth to balding areas. This necessitates the availability of a viable donor site. Which is the back of the head. But if you do not have enough donor hair in this location. Can Hair Be Transplanted From the Body to the Scalp In Dubai? The advancement in technology allows you to replace your healthy hair. Then the experienced expert will implant the hair. By using other body parts hair. 

What is a Body Hair Transplant?

The cosmetics sector’s emerging trends are adapting technology. Body hair can also work in transplants now. FUE Hair Transplants do not demand incisions to separate the hair grafts. Hair can be removed from any part of the body. But the chest, beard, arms, armpits, and private areas are the target areas. The selection of the target area depends on the availability of the hair. But because of its coarseness, the expert prescribes beard hair for crown transplants.


The treatment is very sensitive and caring. So it demands great preparation. It helps to avoid many problems. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • Applicants must avoid any blood-thinning medications and supplements.
  • You must not take aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E supplements, or garlic.
  • Stop smoking at least 2–3 weeks before the operation.
  • Nicotine in cigarette smoke inhibits healing and hair development.
  • The candidates must avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.
  • You must stop using other hair care products before the treatment.
  • Applicants must consult with the expert to discuss the allergic reaction.

What Should You Expect During the Procedure?

Body Hair Transplants in Dubai take between five and eight hours. The procedure works under local anaesthesia. Surgeons first extract hair follicles from any part of the body. They will also examine the shape, length, and size. Then they will implant them back into the scalp. They will also take into account the natural direction of the hair.

Post-procedure instructions:

In most situations, donor sites recover fast. But the receiver site should have only a little discomfort, oedema, and bruising. The following is the aftercare guide:

  • Take the prescribed medications as directed by your surgeon.
  • Don’t even think of missing a single dose.
  • Wash your hair for a day or two following surgery.
  • This allows the follicles to attach themselves to the recipient’s location.
  • While shampooing your hair, avoid rubbing and massaging the scalp.
  • You must avoid scratching the scalp or picking at the scars.
  • Applicants must protect the treatment area after the treatment.

Treatment Options:

There are many invasive and non-invasive Hair Restoration Treatments available. But the suitability of the treatment depends on the needs of the applicants. The following are the most effective treatments:

  • FUT:

Follicular Unit Transplantation, entails separating a strip of skin. The expert will take the hair-bearing skin from a hair-rich location. And divide it into individual grafts. After that, the grafts are inserted into the balding or recipient areas.

  • FUE:

It involves removing individual hair grafts from the back of the head. And then transplant them into the recipient area. This approach avoids the necessity for a strip graft. Which is an important step in FUT. Because of the less visible scars on the donor area. And because of the better-looking results, it has gained popularity.

  • SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation In Dubai is a cosmetic technique. That includes tattooing microscopic dots on the scalp. The treatment helps stimulate hair follicles or hair stubble. SMP is effective in providing the appearance of a thicker head of hair. Because it conceals scars or areas of hair loss.

  • Robotic Hair transplant:

It is an FUE procedure that involves harvesting hair transplants. But it works with an AI-assisted robot. In this procedure, the expert extracts the hair by using the Choi implanter. Then they will also inject the new hair into the target area.

Is it Possible to Transplant Body Hair onto the Head?

If there is a scarcity of donor regions. The body hair transplant to the head/scalp is the most recent procedure. You’re thinking about a hair transplant but don’t have a donor area. The finest solution is to transplant body hair to the head. When there is a scarcity of healthy scalp donor hair. Then body hair is an alternative a substitute. Consult with a hair restoration surgeon to learn about the therapies.

Cost of Body Hair Transplant:

The Cost of a Body Hair Transplant in Dubai is less expensive. It can range from 6,999 AED to 12,999 AED. But this cost can be influenced by the following factors:

  • The expertise of the expert.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The selection of the treatment area.
  • The selection of the procedure.
  • Other medication expenses.

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