Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Blackheads? What to do with them? Acne treatment or squeezing?

Read on to find an authentic answer.

So that summers are almost here & it’s time to ready for pimples, acne, dark spots, blackheads, or whiteheads. Unlike ordinary acne, blackheads can be more frustrating. Every time you squeeze them, you find a few more. While forcibly squeezing them out isn’t a reliable way to pick. This can be hurtful and may lead to scarring or further skin damage. Thus, instead of trying home tricks you should decide on something trusted. So in the light of our trained dermatologist’s experience, we pin down the most reliable Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read on to find the details. But first, let’s understand what clogged pores are.


It is a mild type of Acne Treatment that occurs when dead skin cells, dirt, and oil clog into your pores. They appear mostly on the face as tiny black dots. Because of their color, it’s quite easy to spot them on the skin. Although they are slightly raised but don’t appear much prominently like pimples. Still, they look worst.

At Dynamic, we carry out professional extraction of blackheads through plenty of procedures. Scroll on to the next title to find details on each method.

What Treatments are Available for Blackheads?

We offer various procedures for removing acne and blackheads as well. The most budget-friendly and complication-free are particularly directed by our dermatologists. Remember the procedures we stated below aren’t meant for everyone. Based upon unique skin conditions and levels of severity, a proper method would be recommended. Though, after some authentic assistance, you can try one of these methods explained below.

Manual Extraction:

Dermatologists use a special device for the removal of blocked pores. They carefully apply gentle pressure to remove the clog from deep layers of skin. Note that, this extraction is a hundred times better than home tricks. This can leave you scar-free with no damage to the skin as well.


During blackhead removal with microdermabrasion, doctors gently pass over the abrasive crystals on the skin. This loosens the dead skin and pulls out the blocks responsible for blackheads. As frequently you go for more sessions, black-heads become less likely to form. While you can expect the complete blackhead removal with its one or two sessions.

Laser Therapy:

Laser light is also done for Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai. It uses light beams to decrease the presence of oil and dirt in the skin. It reaches the deep layers of skin and treats the blocked pore without even affecting the surrounding layers.


Although peeling isn’t considered a primary treatment for blackheads. But you can get this for handling dead skin cells and enlarged pores as well. The procedure involves applying the specific solution on the affected area which peels off the most top layer of skin and reveals the smoothest skin underneath. This way clogs responsible for blackheads are also removed.

Topical ointments or Medications- Last but in case it is least. Counter medications and topical ointments are considered a very ordinary treatment for the removal of blackheads. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you are about to notice any blackhead formation on your skin, you will likely get benefit from these medications, otherwise in severe cases consider the methods mentioned above.

Prevent the Blackheads:

Blackheads coming is obvious. Even though you had any Acne Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi for them, they might hit you later again in the future. This is why prevention and aftercare are critically important. Just remember a few tips before or after the removal of blackheads. They can help a lot in stopping blackhead creation. Check out.

  • Gently moisturize your skin
  • Don’t sleep with make-up
  • Get medicated cleansers
  • Use oil-free skin care products
  • Forget regular touching

Get the Best Blackhead Removal in UAE:

Why not prefer speaking to us in your own words? Meet our experts so they can examine your pores and blackheads as well. Disclose your needs, ask questions and get the best recommendations in this regard. We are always available to you when you need us most. Regardless of age, skin condition, and background, you can be assured of receiving the procedure that is uniquely suitable for you.

Get the professional Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi from us and enjoy clearer skin for a lifetime.