Bio-Revitalization results

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful face and body appearance. But as time goes, it becomes tougher to keep. The skin doesn’t have the same fullness as it had in the past due to less production of collagen. Several techniques are there to boost the skin tissues by activating the collagen levels but you should choose the one which suits you best. The majority of skin experts prefer Bio-revitalization treatment which is designed to restore the natural beauty of the skin by slowing down the aging process. Therefore, every next person is curious to know about the results of Bio-revitalization in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This blog post is for them, continue reading to explore details about this non-invasive technique!


Bio-revitalization adapts to the beauty needs of people to make them look younger than their actual age. It repairs the damaged skin tissues by using hyaluronic acid which stimulates the body to produce natural collagen.

This method of skin rejuvenation is considered more effective than others. A person whose age is from 25-30 years can get this treatment, this is because natural hyaluronic acid begins to decline at this period.

Bio-revitalization- Results:

The results of Bio-revitalization treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be seen immediately in the form of a youthful and attractive appearance of skin after attending the first session. In some cases, attending one sitting is enough but for the perfect effect, you need to undergo the course of treatment. However, the upshots keep on changing with time and they become more effective after a few weeks of this therapy.

Healthy and smooth skin is acquired with a beautiful complexion. Hence, a lot of people have gained positive upshots due to this safest technique. Therefore, the skin is moisturized and damaged tissues are repaired to achieve the fresh skin.

To accomplish the best results, it’s highly recommended to attend 3-4 sittings of Bio-revitalization therapy as per the prescription of the doctor. After undergoing these sessions, you will notice that the skin condition is considerably improved and you’re no longer victim of aging signs, pigmentation, and dull or dry skin.

1.  How to maintain results for a lifetime?

The finest results of Bio-revitalization treatment usually last for 6 months to one year but it can be maintained for a lifetime by following touch-up sessions regularly and aftercare instructions from your doctor. However every person has different choices, some individuals prefer to acquire a new look, once the influence of the previous one is diminished. But the ones who want to maintain such consequences for a life-time must follow the instructions from your doctor. Have a look at some common ones!

  1. Maintain a healthy diet
  2. Keep your treated area hygienic
  3. Use medications and ointments properly if prescribed
  4. Apply cold compressions on the treated areas
  5. Avoid unnecessary touching and rubbing the injected site

2. What are the Complications? Is it Safe?

Bio-revitalization treatment helps in enhancing the quality of skin without being invasive. It’s the safest therapy anyone can get but some itching, redness, bruising can be sensed by the patient which can be fade off within a few hours of treatment. Doctors usually advise using cold packs immediately after the treatment to get off further complications. However, there is no particular recovery time after Bio-revitalization, patients can return to their daily activities with no downtime.

Bio-revitalization Benefits:

The time-saving Bio-revitalization treatment is greatly beneficial for every skin type. Though it offers huge comforts in the form of attractive skin appearance which lasts for the long-term. A dull complexion, aging concerns, and wrinkles amendment, etc. can be treated easily along with this risk-less practice. It’s the best way to preserve the good health of the skin enduringly. Following are the important benefits of this treatment:

  1. Non-invasive technique
  2. Improved complexion & moisturized skin appearance
  3. Boosted collagen production & enhanced skin quality
  4. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished
  5. Skin tightening & scars removal
  6. Upshots can be maintained for long-term
  7. Inexpensive treatment
  8. Delivers the perfect finish with young skin appearance

How much does the Bio-Revitalization Cost?

The cost of Bio-revitalization treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts from AED 1400 per session. It varies according to the clinic location however the affordable sessions can be attained by visiting Dynamic clinic. Following are the important factors which help in calculating the cost of this treatment:

  1. Treatment expense
  2. Sittings you attend
  3. Practitioners qualification & experience
  4. Clinic reputation & location

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