Best Way To Have Dimple Creation

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, our cosmetic surgeons carry out dimple creation surgery on most females and sometimes on males too. The purpose is to help them to have beautiful smiles. Celebrities like Jennifer Garnier, thanks to their trademark dimples possess million-dollar smiles. If you are not provided with natural dimples genetically and want to get an enviable look then Dimple Creation Surgery will work best for you. All you have to do is look for an experienced professional who has an aesthetic eye to bring about your desired changes. People who want a memorable smile are approaching us for natural and refined results that ensure your created dimples appear natural.

Types of Dimples:

The common three types of dimples are discussed below and can be designed according to your choice and where you want to get them. During your consultation, our doctor discusses the depth and placement of your desired dimple.

Type # 1: Cheek Dimples:

It is one of the most common types in which dimples are created in the cheek area. The number of dimples can vary. Some people want to get each on both cheeks while some want to get a single. By doing so, you can add angularity to your face. Keep in mind once you decide to get them you will be perceived to have weight loss.

Type # 2: Chin Dimple:

It is also known as a Cleft Chin and is considered to have fewer dimples on the face. A chin dimple always results from a connection to the underlying jaw structure.

Point to ponder:

If one parent has it, the likelihood of inheriting it is high. It is just because it is a dominant trait. Dominant traits always tend to dominate over recessive traits. However, very little research into the actual genetics of dimples has been conducted.

Type # 3: Back Dimple:

This type of dimple is always created more in women than men and is located on the lower part of the back. The back dimple is also referred to as the “Dimple of Venus”, named after the Roman goddess of beauty.

How The Surgery Is Performed?

This outpatient procedure is a quick and relatively painless surgery that approximately takes 30 minutes to complete. Dimple Creation Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is always carried out under local anesthesia and involves the following easy steps:

  • Initially, the doctor marks an area where dimples need to be created. It is done to make you aware of the planned dimple placement.
  • In the next step, a small opening inside the mouth is made. The doctor performs the work on the buccinator’s muscle inside the cheek.
  • It is that specific place where a dimple is designed which delivers a natural look.
  • By using dissolvable sutures, the inside of the cheek is closed. Once the procedure is done you will resume your routine activities right after.
  • There is no obvious appearance from the outside as the procedure is performed inside the mouth. Thus, no scars or incisions.

Dimple Creation Surgery Aftercare:

Recovery from this Cosmetic Surgery is relatively straightforward. You won’t be required to stay in the hospital not even for a single day. Your foremost duty is to follow your post-procedure care to ensure proper recovery. You will be given detailed instructions before leaving our clinic that include:

  • Prescribed suitable antibiotics must be taken on time for fast healing.
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash twice a day to keep the site germ free as possible.
  • Proper care for the oral cavity must be maintained as it is a major source of bacteria.
  • For best results, over-animated facial expressions should be avoided during the healing.
  • Once the internal tissue heals, you will come up with a dimple or dimples when smiling.
  • Medications to reveal pain can also be provided which should be used according to the prescription.

The Bottom Line!

Dimples always result from the alternation in the structure of one of the cheek muscles in the face. Since it is a genetic trait but specifics of how it is inherited are not clear yet. Many people find them as a sign of cuteness and attraction while dimple on the chin is sometimes considered a sign of luck. However, scientific reasons why it is so are not known completely. For interested candidates, a consultation form is given below. Fill it out and set up your appointment today. You have to accept that the outcome is permanent whether you like it or not, before opting for this procedure.