Is Dimple Surgery worth it | Dimpleplasty

Is Dimple Surgery Worth It?

Dimple surgery is an elective process and does not treat any medical conditions. The main reasons people opt for this procedure are the enhancement of self-confidence and satisfaction due to the changed postoperative appearance. There is a clinical consensus that this surgery results in a very high level of patient satisfaction; most feel that their lives improved.

Indications For Dimple Surgery:

Usually, people tend to get dimple surgery in Dubai if they look to cosmetically enhance their cheeks with dimples to improve their aesthetic appearance. But sometimes, it is also a treatment option for overly round faces or those with excess skin. On the other hand, most celebrities go for dimple surgery to get a cute smile on their face.

Is Dimple Surgery Risky?

Typically, Dimpleplasty is an extremely safe surgery, but there are certain risks like any other surgical procedure. The risk of bleeding during or after surgery is comparatively low. The risk of infections is quite rare and can be further minimized by maintaining good oral hygiene and regular use of antibiotics recommended by the doctor. Even if there is an issue, early detection and treatment of complications are essential to avoid unpleasant aesthetic results.

How Long Does Dimple Surgery Last?

The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is performed under local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia can be applied at the client’s request or on a doctor’s recommendation.

Treatment results are visible within 24 hours, gradually improving up to 4 weeks. The achieved treatment results last for a very long time, provided that the stitches remain intact during the recovery period. If the stitches are accidentally torn during the recovery period, the effects will disappear much faster. Since the cost of cheek dimple removal surgery can be very high, special care must be taken during the entire treatment process.

What Is The Cost Of Dimple Surgery?

The cost of dimple surgery is 8000 AED for one side only. However, the nonsurgical option is also available and can cost 1500 AED for one side.

Are The Results Permanent?

Is Dimple Surgery worth it? This is a common question asked by people opting for the procedure. The effect of dimple surgery is lifelong. Initially, after the surgery, the dimple remains on the cheek all the time, even if you are not smiling. But as the wound heals, the dimple only appears when the person smiles. Depending on the skin and muscles in the person’s cheeks, the result of the dimple surgery may last forever or gradually fade and disappear over time.

What To Expect Before The Surgery?

Unlike other more invasive surgeries, no specific testing is required before dimple surgery. Usually, the initial consultation includes ensuring the proper general health and discussing possible contraindications with the treating physician.

In most cases, a physical assessment of health data such as weight, heart rate, and blood pressure will be done before the scheduled surgery.

What To Expect During The Surgery?

It all starts with inspection and marking. The places of the future dimples are marked with a marker. Disinfection of the skin takes place, eliminating the risk of infection. Then anaesthesia is administered. 

On both cheeks, on the inside, incisions are made, and the soft tissues are pulled together with the help of special threads, forming recesses. At this point, small areas of fatty tissue are removed. The damaged areas are sutured using self-absorbable suture materials.

The stitches heal quickly and do not cause any discomfort. There are no traces on the outside. At the same time, a lift can be performed, fillers injected, and excess fat removed. All these procedures and dimpleplasty are performed at our clinic by highly qualified specialists.

Recovery Period:

You do not need to be in the clinic. The patient goes home immediately after the operation. Any painful sensations can be relieved with painkillers. It is worth giving up spicy, fatty and salty foods for the first few days, not eating hot meals and solid foods. Purees, cereals, soups, smoothies are perfect. 

After each meal, it is worth rinsing the oral cavity using antibacterial agents. Brushing your teeth should be done carefully. In a month, there will be no reminders, only attractive dimples on the cheeks.

Is It Possible To Reverse The Surgery?

If you are not satisfied with the results, you have the option to reverse the surgery. It can be done by a simple procedure that will work by loosening the dimple created by surgery.