Best Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Dubai

Get the Best Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Dubai at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai. We make sure you have the silky smooth, no-hair skin that you deserve.

Are you Tired of Waxing, Hair Removal Creams, and Shaving Tools? Are you in search of a fast, permanent, and cost-effective treatment for hair removal? Get all your worries and concerns vanish as Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai brings you the Best Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Dubai.

Laser treatment is a medical procedure that makes use of concentrated light. Light from a laser (that is short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is adjusted to specific frequencies, contradicting energy from most other sources. It can then be focused into more substantial beams as a result.

Let’s get familiar with the laser treatment plan for hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that helps remove unwanted hair on the body. In this procedure, a focused light beam is sent into the hair follicles. The pigmentation absorbs the focused light in the hair follicle, which helps destroy the hair.

Beneficial Factors:

Laser hair removal treatment works on any part, arms, underarms, legs, face, full-body, and bikini part of the body as well. Out of these, there are various beneficial factors, but the following three are the most prominent:

  • Precision.
  • Efficiency.
  • Believability.

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

Hair removal cost with a laser according to sessions for an entire body (men and women) is AED 799 (1 session), AED 2,200 (3 sessions), and AED 4,400 (6 sessions). 

Note: If you require separate area cost-related information, schedule a free consultation. 

Types of Hair Removal Laser Technologies:

In Dubai, Ruby, Alexandrite, IPL, Diode, and Nd: YAG is the five widely prevalent types of hair removal laser technologies. The best laser treatment depends thoroughly on the sessions, precisions, expertise, and immediate outcomes within an affordable cost range. 

Below are the details of the laser treatment mentioned above:


The Ruby Laser Treatment in Dubai was one of the first lasers ever to develop to eradicate unwanted hair effectively. Even though it is considerably slower than some other ways, it has become outdated. On darker and coarser hair, but it’s excellent for lighter, thin hair on fair skin. The good thing about Ruby lasers is that they’ve been around longer for a lot of studies and understanding about their usefulness and unintended consequences to accumulate.


The most popular among the four laser techniques is the Alexandrite Laser. This laser is recommended for lighter-skinned shades because it is claimed to discomfort significantly below other lasers. Nonetheless, because the laser’s wavelengths are narrower, it doesn’t penetrate as profoundly, and as a result, it doesn’t hurt as much. Because of such concern, it may require additional appointments to accomplish permanent hair elimination. Even though hair removal isn’t everlasting, it lasts far longer than other techniques like waxing, shaving, or threading.


IPL is not a laser; it is simply light. As the name implies, a high-energy visible beam destroys hair follicles in the same way lasers are used in several treatments. IPL is very adaptable to individual needs. Considering the person’s complexion and hair attributes can change the wavelength or intensity outputs to fit specific demands. This plan requires more sessions if the hair is experienced to grow in the target area. 


Diode laser therapy is incredibly successful for people with coarser hair and moderately darker skin because of the stronger light beam and profound impacts. This type of laser hair removal is quite adaptable. It will now become a nearly painless treatment because of technological improvements. This therapy frequently requires fewer appointments than other types of laser hair removal methods. The number of sessions will vary depending on the setup of every client.

Nd: YAG:

The Nd Yag laser is the most recent laser hair removal technology. Therefore, it functions effectively and is more beneficial on all complexions, even tanned skin, which IPL or other sorts of lasers can’t accomplish. Such lasers can achieve a significant delay in hair regrowth and a diminution in hair growth in the treatment area. It works best on hair that is black and thick. It does not work on blonde, red, or grey hair because there is no pigmentation in color. The Nd Yag laser is less successful with fine hair, although it can still produce significant benefits.

Take Away:

Every laser setup is unique in its way. Particular lasers are beneficial for certain hair textures. For people with darker complexions, various lasers are healthier. Furthermore, specific laser technology works better on multiple parts of the body than others. The Laser, as mentioned above, treatments are all best at what they treat, but the Nd: YAG is the most effective. 

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