Best Hair Transplant Treatment For Men in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Plan Your Hair Transplant Now:

Hair Transplant– internationally approved for Baldness, Alopecia. Hair loss or alopecia can affect anyone at any age. Men, women, and children, everyone is a victim of this difficulty. But most commonly men are more prone to this straight after their 35. Though getting a hair transplant remains the only authentic help here.

All over the world, this surgery is being offered but Dubai brings the most reliable one. Plus, estimates say that the cost of this surgery here is about 20-25 percent less than in other countries like Europe, and America. This cost difference made transplants here more demand.

Continue reading for details about the Best Hair Transplant Treatment for Men in Dubai.

A Quick Look at Hair Transplant :

A Hair Transplant is basically a surgical procedure but not as risky as the myths revolving around it. It only involves the extraction and placement of hair follicles. While there are two ways to extract a donor’s hair. One is (FUT) follicular unit transplantation and other is (FUE) follicular unit extraction.In severe cases where more grafts are required, FUT is normally advised. Otherwise, FUE.

Great Results With Us:

Men bearing baldness don’t need to worry anymore. With our transplantation procedures, you not only get natural-looking hair back but also live without the fear of losing them in the future. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we come out with the best hair transplant results in Dubai. Our great services, trained staff, and experienced surgeons along with compassion and care leads to the most appealing outcomes.

Cost of Hair Transplant:

The cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai starts at AED 6999. Remember, this is the discounted rate for transplants at our clinic. Rest assured, other clinics are offering AED 8000 for this surgery. Though there are multiple factors associated with the cost of this procedure such as the number of hair grafts, the extent of baldness, the credentials of the surgeon, the type of transplant, and much more.

This is indeed a one-time investment as it results in permanent hair growth. And for sure you won’t regret having the Best hair transplant treatment for Men in Dubai from us. Being the leaders in hair transplants we never let our standards fall short. Collectively, our complication rate is less than even one percent. This is the reason we are famous as the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai.

Aftercare is Important:

Since a hair transplant is minimally invasive doesn’t mean you become unconcerned about aftercare. From start to end you need to take proper care by following the restricted precautions advised by our surgeons.

Check out the few general instructions mentioned here, which are compatible with every transplant patient.

  • Sleep with your head raised at 45 degrees. This can help avoid swelling.
  • Wear a loose cap on the scalp to avoid the interaction of dirt and pollution on the scalp.
  • Get enough vitamins for effective healing.
  • Wait at least 4-5 days, before continuing to shower gently.
  • Unnecessary scalp touching could upset the implanted follicles. So, avoid this.
  • Swimming, strenuous exercises, steam, baths, and gym must be eluded for at least a month.
  • Medications should be as per the doctor’s advice. Aspirin is usually prohibited in the initial days of the transplant.

Get the Best Hair Transplant Treatment:

Our hair transplant clinic provides all kinds of transplants for both men and women. We are committed to efficiency and the most reliable services even in higher grades of baldness. Prefer having personal recommendations from our hair transplant experts. Besides, if you would like to have more information about the Best Hair Transplant Treatment for Men in Dubai, reach us through chat or book your consultation.