Best Hair Transplant in UAE

Hair loss occurs at different ages in men and women and can have a lot of different causes. The main causes of hair growth disorder may be genetic or hormonal. It may be due to age or taking medications like antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, or contraceptives. Skin changes after operations, trauma, and burns can also cause a decrease in hair growth. Any of these cases may require a hair transplant in Dubai UAE.

What Techniques Are Used?

At the initial stages of baldness, products are used that stimulate the regrowth of hair like shampoos, creams, tablets, etc. If these types of treatment are ineffective or if you want to achieve a lasting result in a short time, hair transplantation is performed.

Currently, dermatologists and aesthetic medicine surgeons prefer the most non-traumatic hair transplant procedures that do not damage the donor areas. To achieve a high-quality result, individual hair follicles are not taken from the donor areas, but grafts are taken out. A graft is a structure that consists of 3-4 hair follicles and a surrounding layer of protective tissue.

At the site of the graft collection, a healing process necessarily takes place, the result of which depends on the qualifications of the surgeon, the correct choice of the donor area, and the hair transplant technique.

We offer many different techniques of hair transplant all of them offering different results. Methods used at our clinic include FUT hair transplant, FUE hair transplant, DHI Direct hair transplant, Robotic hair transplant, and scarless and stem cell hair transplant.

Steps of Procedure:

The preliminary consultation is done by our trained professional surgeons. In the first consultation breakdown of the zone is done and an estimation the of graft required is done.

The second step is donor hair extraction which is what differentiates the hair transplant methods. Modern methods of hair grafting ensure that scarring and pain are as limited as possible and the wound marks as invisible as possible.

The next step is of preparing the donor site. At our clinic, it is done with great care and precision by making tiny incisions. The preparation varies for each method of hair transplant.

Grafting is the next step in the procedure which involves placing each graft in its assigned position. This is also done by the surgeons with great care.

The results are not immediately visible in cases of hair transplants. It takes about a year to see complete results and the recovery period could be anywhere from three to six months and it varies from patient to patient.

Why Choose Us?

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