Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah 2021

Dubai 2021 Hair Transplants are trending! 

If you have been thinking about Hair Transplants for a while, then it’s no surprise that Dubai is one of the best countries for hair restoration. This city is internationally renowned yet offers exceptional transplants at cheaper rates. To plan your hair transplant there are a lot of things to ponder such as the surgeon’s experience, pricing details, and surely the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai 2021. Continue ahead for details. 

About Hair Transplant:

Hair Transplant surgery is simple but quite tricky. Usually, it gets completed in a couple of hours depending on your baldness extent. At times, another session is also requisite for more fullness in the head. During surgery, doctors move hair from one part to another to fill up the bald region. The surgeons’ artistic skills regarding graft placement highly contribute to the efficiency of transplants. Therefore, to deliver exceptionally natural results, the expertise of the surgeon is the key.

Who Can Be Benefitted?

Any person who intends to cover their bald regions on the scalp can get benefit from a hair transplant. Either if it’s a receding hairline or a patchy scalp this surgery could react as one one-time best solution ever. Men mostly get benefits from hair transplants as they experience complete baldness. Meanwhile, women can have PRP injections to stimulate hair growth still if hair fall persists, further treatment would be suggested by our experts consequently.

Here are some considerations for not opting into a hair transplant,

  • Hair loss problems all over the scalp.
  • Weak donor sites.
  • Chemotherapy hair loss.

Which is The Best Hair Transplant Centre in Dubai, UAE?

Enfield Royal is the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai 2021. This clinic is board-certified in terms of providing a 100 percent cure for your falling hair. World-renowned surgeons like Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya and Dr. Zein are serving their quality time here. Another attractive feature is the extensive post-operative plan. Even if you are free from surgery our caring medical team won’t leave you alone. They will deeply communicate with you until you cherish the smooth, final results. We are internationally recognized for endorsed facilities ranging from PRP to mesotherapy to eyelash transplant to eyebrow transplant to much more. Know that, we don’t impose our decisions on patients. Various non-surgical alternatives are also part of our services, especially for those who are uncomfortable with the surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost:

Even though hair transplant surgery is chosen from the Best hair transplant center in Dubai, it’s way too affordable when compared to the cost of other nations. Approximately, AED 6,999 is the initial charge of our FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai. Whereas FUT costs quite lesser than this. The total estimate greatly depends upon the number of grafts. Prefer to attend in-person consultation for a perfect assessment in your case.

Is There Any Alternative That Costs Less?

At times, a short budget or poor health stops a person from undergoing a transplant. This way we bring various other hair restoration alternatives to boost hair growth. While most of them are best for stopping hair fall and recovering thinning hair.

Check out some popular ones,

  • PRP Injections.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Stem cell.
  • Laser Therapy.
  • Permanent Hair Wigs.

The Takeaway!

A hair transplant is a natural procedure to perceive lost fullness in the scalp. It can be done with either FUE, FUT, or DHI. Primarily, it’s no scar procedure but somehow there is a chance of a mild one with FUT which is barely invisible. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, patients experience hair restoration at the hands of leading surgeons. We ensure exceptional services embraced by affordable packages and various installment plans. To book your appointment at the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai 2021, use the online form or call directly at +971 561772998.