Best FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon in Dubai Dynamic Clinic

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery from Dubai’s Top Surgeon

Losing your hair can lead to panic and this panic can indicate wrong decisions, especially when choosing a doctor. There is a problem that a lot of cheap clinics attract you with low prices and as the result, you suffer complications. Everyone must be aware of the fact that Hair Transplant is serious surgery therefore it claims the right doctor from a reputed clinic as well. We conducted various research, spoke to patients directly, find their reviews, and then concluded the Best Surgeon For FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai. Read ahead for details.

How to Find the Right Surgeon?

Find the surgeon who can make a 10-15 year plan for you. Despite temporary comfort, go for the one who can think about how your hair will look for your whole life long. While there are hundreds of things to look at in the doctor while deciding on the surgery but one must bring over the few important points clarified below. Look over credentials: Make sure your doctor is board-certified, with years of experience. Plus, go through the record of their previous surgeries whether they are successful or not. Check before and after pictures, read reviews then come to any final decision.

Trust your guts: Be confident when you go for a consultation. This session can let you reach a final decision based on how the surgeon treats you. If they are desperate or keen to take you to operation theatre then don’t opt for them. You need to think about what kind of results you can expect from this surgeon. Don’t agree based on price: The cost of hair transplant surgery from the best surgeon can typically charge around AED 7000 or above. If this rate drop means there is a danger. This price estimate can save you money but risk your safety.

Who is the Best Surgeon For FUE?

Dr. Abdul Majeed is famed as the best Hair Transplant surgeon in Dubai. He is the head of the hair-care industry with a record of 10,000+ successful hair transplant surgeries. His approach to evaluating the patient’s problem has been so creative. Indeed, he’s the most accomplished hair transplant surgeon in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. His reputation among peers is unparalleled making him stand out from others.

The excellence he delivers, and the services he provides, are what anticipates him famous in the hair industry. His artistic FUE procedures are simply amazing and can leave you with lifetime hair growth. You can consider him for your hair transplant after booking an appointment. Currently, you can find him at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai.


You have to take a few precautionary steps while deciding on the surgeon for your Hair Transplant. From offered charges to previous experiences, focus on everything. Only the artistic hands of surgeons are endorsed with unique skills to carry out the correct implantation of hair follicles. You need somebody who tells what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Well, Dr. Abdul Majeed is one of those doctors. He always emphasizes educating proper details of the surgery and therefore recovery tips for smooth and effective upshots. To meet the Best Surgeon For FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai. Book in-person consultation through an online form, contact directly at +971 561772998.