Which is the Best Country for Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

A hair transplant is one of the most common surgeries done in the world. It can increase the amount of hair growing on the head, as well as improve the confidence level of the individual. More men opt for this hair restoration procedure as compared to women, as it commonly affects males. In 2018, about 80% of hair transplant candidates were 40 years old male.

The head is quite important for the overall appearance, therefore, even a very small mistake during this hair restoration procedure can lead to permanent negative effects. Based on this fact, Hair Transplant has to be done by an experienced doctor, in the right city/country.

A majority of people having hair transplant surgery, move overseas like UAE, England, India, Iran, and Turkey to get this highly invasive procedure successfully, with world-class care. In this article, we’ll cover prominent countries for Hair transplants and other important information regarding them.

United Arab Emirates:

UAE is one of the most prominent states when it comes to hair transplant surgeries. It is believed that not only hair transplants but also many other cosmetic procedures are carried out successfully in this amazing country. Millions of people visit UAE every year to have major surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, etc. Furthermore, the treatment costs are almost two-thirds of the amount that you would pay in the countries like USA, India, Mexico, and more. This country also has beautiful places to visit, which ensures the healthy recovery of the patient after a hair transplant. If you are also considering this state for your hair transplant in Dubai, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is the best place to visit. We offer excellent health services to our patients at affordable rates. We use advanced medical equipment and uphold a supportive medical staff that makes us the reliable, best medical center in UAE.


This hair restoration procedure conducted a huge revolution in the plastic/cosmetic surgery industry in Turkey. It has several clinics, many in Istanbul and Ankara, that give high-quality health care to patients at much lower prices compared to other countries including the United Kingdom, the US, India, and Brazil. This is the main reason why some people prefer this country over others.


You can choose to travel to India to have a hair transplant. However, the cost of this surgery in India varies depending on the chosen technique. Two common methods are FUE and FUT. FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles from all over the head. On the other hand, in FUT, a strip is removed from the back of the head to collect hair follicles from it. The doctor will choose the right technique based on certain things like individual needs and health status. It should be noted that India offers both solutions at affordable rates.

United States:

Hair transplant is the top cosmetic surgery among 25 to 40 years old American males. The United States is one of the best counties for hair transplants as in the cosmetic industry. This surgical procedure is amazingly performed by experienced and highly trained plastic surgeons in the US in licensed clinics. Moreover, it turns out that patients generally pay about 45 to 50 % more of the cost to have a hair transplant in the US than clinics in the United Arab Emirates. Also, some hair transplant clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer medical tourism package that includes the cost of travel, stay and recovery expenses.


Over the past many years, cosmetic procedures like Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai, and liposuction are becoming very popular in Iran. Even the clinics that deliver high-quality care offer hair transplant surgery at reasonable rates. Recent studies revealed that around a million males visited Iran in 2019 to undergo this procedure.


Before choosing any destination for your hair transplant, it’s really important to check the credentials of the surgeon. You must schedule a consultation with him before the surgery. Don’t be shy to ask him questions because you will be spending hundreds of dirhams on this expensive procedure. It’s best to choose a clinic that has experienced surgeons, provides high-quality care and utilizes advanced equipment in Hair transplant surgeries.